How to Word Dinosaur Invitations for a Third Birthday Party

by Chrystal Doucette
Dinosaur invitations offer an opportunity to play with words.

Dinosaur invitations offer an opportunity to play with words.

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Celebrate a 3-year-old's passion for the prehistoric with dinosaur invitations. Play with word choice as you build a clever invitation centered on the theme. The invitations are fun to make because of the creative writing involved. You can pack the card or flier from beginning to end with references to dinosaurs, including specific genera if your child has a favorite, such as brontosaurus or the Tyrannosaurus rex. From your event activities to your address, make the whole invitation sound like it came from the Triassic period.

Items you will need

  • Blank birthday invitations
Step 1

Grab the reader's attention on the first line of your invitation. Begin with a catch-phrase like "You Are Invited to One Roaring Third Birthday." Or, use alliteration to your advantage with a line such as "Daniel's Third Dino Day," "Frank's Fossilized Birthday Number Three" or "Celebrate Three With a Prehistoric Party."

Step 2

Lure the reader with cleverly worded event features. Consider "chomp on cake," "fossilized fun," "prehistoric prizes" and "dino will be served." Alliteration and word play will make your list of activities stand out.

Step 3

Continue the play on words with your event details. For the "when" section of the invitation, make the event sound old while still including the actual date. You might write, "May 21, at 3 p.m., after the Mesozoic era." Or, you could write, "More than 208 million years ago, on July 31 at 2 p.m."

Step 4

Write a thick description before your address for the "where" section. You might write, "In the furthest, densest forest of the Ashburn neighborhood of Chicago, where triceratops and stegosaurus roam free. Head past the first stop sign and take a right to avoid the T-rex living nearby." Include the actual address to help guests find your home.

Step 5

Create a biography on the birthday child using the prehistoric theme. For example, "Jonathan was born long after the Jurassic Period, on Jan. 20, 2008. He discovered his love for dinosaurs at age 2. One year later, in modern times, he still thinks they are ice-age cool."

Tips & Warnings

  • In addition to wording your invitations with a dinosaur theme, you might consider adding corresponding stickers to the invitations or cutting them into a dinosaur shape.
  • Include a phone number on your invitation, in case guests have trouble finding your home.
  • If you are making a map for your "where" section, draw some dinosaurs and prehistoric-looking trees in your neighborhood.

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