How to Word a Christmas Party Invitation to Ask People to Bring an Appetizer

by Lane Cummings
Christmas is more than just the season of giving, It's the season of sharing time with family and friends.

Christmas is more than just the season of giving, It's the season of sharing time with family and friends. Images

While Christmas is known as the season of giving, it's also the season of getting together with friends and family to share the joy of the holiday with them. If you're throwing a Christmas party, you deserve a pat on the back for offering to host people during this busy time of year. Sometimes, it just is necessary to ask people to help out by bringing a dish. The invitation to your party should clearly state just what you would like your guests to bring to share.

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Step 1

Select a quote that reflects on Christmas as a season of giving and sharing. For example, the following quote by Washington Irving is appropriate: "Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart." Type a quote you like onto the top of your invitation template on the computer or print it onto your paper invitation.

Step 2

Write a statement that invites the recipient to your event. You can place the event in the context of Christmas as a charitable, giving time. For example, you could write, "In this season of giving, we would be delighted to share in the Christmas spirit with you." Or you could use a more playful tone and write something like, "It's time for holly, time to be jolly. Please join us to celebrate the season." Follow your introductory verse and then write or type in the name of the hosts, the place, the time and date, and the type of attire requested.

Step 3

Skip one line on your invitation template or make a slight space on your paper invitation and write your request for guests to bring appetizers, linking your request to the real meaning of Christmas. For example, you could write, "In the spirit of the holiday season, we ask that you bring any appetizer of your liking (or you could assign a dish) to the party." Then, you could follow it with a line that states what you will provide, such as, "Dinner and drinks supplied by the Smiths."

Step 4

Type or write at the very bottom of the page "We truly hope you can come!" or something comparable, as well as a phone number or email address for a response to the invitation.

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