How to Word a Casual Party Invite

by Sarah Nyako
Think of the invitation as a preview, letting the guests know what to expect.

Think of the invitation as a preview, letting the guests know what to expect.

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Even when your party is a casual event, you may still want everything to be perfect. Start the party off on the right foot by paying attention to the wording on your invitation. Include the basic information about the party that all the guests must have and then you have license to insert your sense of humor. The invitation sets the tone of the party right at the outset, so use creativity to convey the feel you hope your party to have.

Step 1

Use humorous or silly wording. Unlike with a formal invitation where traditional and elegant language is standard, a casual party gives you the opportunity to experiment with your sense of humor. Use a limerick or poem to frame the invitation. Tailor the jokes to fit your party.

Step 2

Jump into the invitation by writing, "Come to our party!" or simply use the title of the event as the heading of the invitation -- "John and Connie's Engagement Party." In a casual invitation, the first line need not read anything like "You are invited to" or "We request the pleasure of your attendance" as in formal invitations.

Step 3

Showcase the tone of the party. If you are having a costume party and you want to communicate the idea that the more outrageous the outfit the better, use words such as "zany," "over-the-top" and "extravagant."

Step 4

Include the word "casual" in the invitation. In the event that guests may not determine from the tone of your invitation that the party is casual, this important detail will tell them how to dress and what type of gift to bring, if any.

Step 5

Strip down the information to the basics. An informative but casual invite may simply have five columns: "Who," "What," "When," "Where" and "RSVP Contact." Give guests all the information that they need and leave out the flowery language that usually accompanies formal invitations to clue them into the fact that your party is casual.

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