How to Word Baptism Invites

by Annabeth Kaine
Fully customize invitations to your or your baby's baptism.

Fully customize invitations to your or your baby's baptism.

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Baptism is an important tradition in a Christian's life. For newborns, children and adults alike, the ceremony represents a "rebirth" in Christ. Some faiths require a complete water immersion for baptism, while others sprinkle drops of water onto the participant's head as a baptism ritual. Typically, newborns undergo the water sprinkling as a christening or dedication to God by the parents. Older children and adults generally submit to a full water submersion as an acceptance of God's ways. When you are making baptism invitations there are several things to include for your guests.

Items you will need

  • Blank baptism invitation or card stock
  • Extra printer paper
  • Printer
Step 1

Put your name and your spouse's name at the top of the invitation, and then the name of the child to be baptized. For example, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith request your presence at the baptism of their son Charlie" is appropriate when inviting someone to the baptism of an infant or young child. If you are an adult requesting guests for your baptism, place your name at the top of the invitation. "Ms. Johnson requests your presence at her baptism" is a suitable introduction for an adult's baptism.

Step 2

List the date and time next. For example, "At 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 16th" shows your guests exactly what day and what time to mark on their calendars.

Step 3

Tell your guests where the baptism will be held. Mention the name of your church or religious organization and the city and state where the church is located. For out-of-town guests, include a map with the church's physical address and a map of the city if necessary.

Step 4

Include information on appropriate attire for your guests on a separate piece of paper inside the invitation. Some people are not familiar with religious customs and appreciate the extra information. You might say, "Semi-formal attire is requested," or if you would like the event to be more casual, "Smart-casual attire is requested."

Step 5

Add a phone number for guests to confirm or decline attendance. This is not mandatory but will help you plan for an after-baptism celebration if you desire.

Tips & Warnings

  • After-baptism receptions not held at the church should include additional information and directions.
  • Do not use abbreviations in your invitation. This reflects the formal nature of the ceremony and is not mandatory, but is an etiquette rule.

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