How to Word a 40th Anniversary Surprise Party Invitation

by Si Kingston
Use creativity when wording a surprise anniversary party invitation.

Use creativity when wording a surprise anniversary party invitation.

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Staying married for 40 years is an accomplishment in a time when nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. A 40th anniversary should be celebrated with a bang, and there is rarely a party more eventful than a surprise party. A surprise party must be intricately planned because it is all done in secret. But your secret is at risk when you announce the party to your guests. When sending an invitation for a surprise 40th anniversary party, make sure your guests understand that it's a secret.

Step 1

Announce the party with a clever line. For example, "There's a anniversary party to celebrate Doug and Jane's 'Big 4-0.' They've been married 40 years and we intend to celebrate, rain, sleet or snow."

Step 2

Warn the guests of the secret. For instance, "It's a surprise anniversary party, so be quiet 'cuz Doug and Jane don't know."

Step 3

Tell the guests when to arrive to ensure they're all assembled and ready before the time you've arranged to bring the couple being honored to the venue. You can use a rhyme here: "Be sure to be there by 2 o' clock, because when they show up at 2:15, things are gonna rock!"

Step 4

Insert any further instructions needed to help keep the secret: "It's at their house, so park further down the block so we won't get caught."

Step 5

Include the party location address at the bottom of the invitation, as well as your email address so guests can ask you any questions without the anniversary couple becoming suspicious of all of the secret phone calls you are taking. Also, include information on any gift registry you've set up for those wanting to bring gifts.

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