Wolverine Birthday Party Ideas

by Kate Bradley
Guests and gifts are just two parts of a truly unforgettable party.

Guests and gifts are just two parts of a truly unforgettable party.

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Wolverine and the rest of the mutant superheroes of the X-Men have provided countless hours of entertainment for fans of all ages. If you're throwing a Wolverine-themed birthday party, the options for activities, games and even refreshments are many and varied. Don't let a small budget deter you -- you don't have to spend a lot of money to give the guest of honor an exciting, memorable Wolverine birthday party.


Make your guests feel like famous actors at an X-Men movie premiere as they arrive. Roll out a long red carpet for your guests to walk. On either side, place cardboard cutouts of Wolverine in various poses, along with some of the other famous X-Men. Set up a few TVs throughout the party venue and show the different X-Men movies as guests arrive; "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" is probably the best choice if you have only one TV. If your guests are too young for the X-Men movies, play DVDs of the X-Men animated TV series instead. Blow up yellow and blue (Wolverine's colors) balloons and either let them drift to the ceiling or tie them into clusters for the walls. Arrange X-Men comic books on all tables for guests to peruse and hang Wolverine posters on the walls. You could also play the X-Men movie theme for background music.


Set up a big table with art supplies and let each guest make his own Wolverine claws and mask. You'll need blue, silver and yellow paint, stiff cardboard or posterboard, scissors and tape. You could also cut out pictures of Wolverine from magazines and comic books and have guests use them to make a huge wall collage. Give each guest a white tank top like Wolverine wears, and supply fabric paint. Tell guests to pick one superpower (such as the ability to read minds) to add to Wolverine's existing powers and paint the new and more powerful Wolverine on their T-shirts.


Grill hamburgers and use an X-shaped brand to sear an "X" into each patty. Use blue or yellow food coloring to turn ordinary fruit punch into "Wolverine power juice." Bake hand-shaped cookies and stick three pretzels through the top to resemble Wolverine's hands. Serve Wolverine hot dogs -- normal hot dogs with three slashes at each end. Make one plain vanilla cupcake for every guest and supply colored icing for guests to decorate their cupcakes like Wolverine's face. You'll need brown and tan icing to make actor Hugh Jackman's (Wolverine) signature hairstyle and beard, and gold and blue icing to form the animated Wolverine's pointed mask and head cover.


Play a Wolverine-inspired version of Capture the Flag. Instead of a flag, designate two guests (one for each team) as Wolverine. Each stands behind the opposing team in a "cage" (an area outlined with chalk). Teams must try to free their Wolverine while protecting the caged one behind them. When a team member reaches her Wolverine, she "frees" him by touching him. Both must run back across the team's boundary without being tagged by the other team. You could also test guests' knowledge of Wolverine's past with a Wolverine sudden-death trivia game. Put guests into groups of three. Ask a question, have each team submit an answer and reveal the correct answer. Teams who answer correctly move on to the next question, while incorrect answers disqualify a team. Start with easy questions, such as what his superpowers are, and move on to more difficult questions as the game progresses. The last team standing wins.

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