"Wizard of Oz" Party Decoration Ideas

by Noel Shankel
Some well-placed red slippers can add style to your Oz party.

Some well-placed red slippers can add style to your Oz party.

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"The Wizard of Oz" is one of the most cherished films of all time, and having a theme party in its honor can be a magical experience. Finding the right "Oz" party decorations should not be too difficult. With a little bit of work and imagination, you can transform your house into the Emerald City, complete with a yellow brick road. The right decorations can make the difference between an average party and one that only exists over the rainbow.

The Road To Oz

Any party with a "Wizard of Oz" theme must incorporate a yellow brick road. Purchase a long roll of yellow wrapping paper. Using a black pen, draw rectangles on the roll to create the illusion of bricks. Place the yellow brick road outside of your house, leading up to the front door, or place it inside the house leading to the refreshments. You can also place the yellow brick road over your entire floor, or leading to certain rooms designated for party use.

The Witch Is Dead

The Wicked Witch of the East has no place inside your "Wizard of Oz" party, so make sure guests know she is dead. Simply take a pair of striped stockings similar to the ones worn by the witch in the movie. Stuff the stockings with cotton, newspaper or any other material that creates the illusion of legs inside. Place a pair of ruby-red slippers on the end of the stockings. Now, place the shoes and stockings against the outside or inside of your home so that it looks as if the witch has been crushed.

The Decorations

To fully embrace the look and feel of a "Wizard of Oz" party, hang posters related to the film over your walls. Place cutouts of the main characters on the wall and a stuffed dog that looks like Toto resting by the refreshment table, on the couch or wherever you desire. Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite characters, as these costumes will elevate the atmosphere with the decorations around them. Tape emerald-green balloons and streamers to the walls and ceiling, capturing the feeling of the Emerald City. Illustrate a rainbow on a massive sheet of paper and hang it over the entrance to your house.

Theme Rooms

Your "Wizard of Oz" party should incorporate themed rooms to add a little spice to the event. For example, you can decorate one room like a forest, taping cutout trees to the wall to represent the forest where the Tin Man was found. Another room can be covered in straw, with a few fake crows lingering in the corners to represent the Scarecrow's home. If you're feeling bold, paint an entire room black and white to represent the beginning of the film, before Dorothy's world become more colorful. Keep the doors to these rooms shut and have a note outside that reads: "Doorbell Broken, Please Knock" -- a famous sign found within the film.

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