Wizard of Oz Baby Shower Ideas

by Kent Page McGroarty

Themed parties of any kind are usually a lot of fun, and baby showers are no exception. A "Wizard of Oz" baby shower can blend baby themes with images and ideas from the classic film, for which there are lots of merchandise options. This allows you to pick and choose items for your shower, including themed decorations and favors.


Those with artistic ability can sketch their own Wizard of Oz baby shower invitations, which can be copied as necessary. Re-create scenes from the film or drawings from the book, or create your character scene. Collages of images from the film and book are also an option. You can also draw characters encapsulated by a large baby bonnet, baby bottle or pacifier. Assorted shopping sites also offer Wizard of Oz greeting cards and party invitations should you choose to order your invites. Browse sites such as Zazzle, Etsy and Birthday Express.


Consider spray painting any brick paths yellow on your property, or rent a canvas yellow brick road to place in front of your home or as a path to the backyard where the festivities are taking place. Create signs that read "Follow the Yellow Brick Road to (Name's) Baby Shower." Use blue and white-checkered tablecloths and napkins, and tie the napkins with glittery red fabric pieces. Centerpiece ideas include high heels painted and bedazzled with red sequins as ruby slippers filled with baby toys, plush Wizard of Oz toy displays, such as Toto or the Cowardly Lion, or still-life scenes using Wizard of Oz figurines.


Food ideas for a Wizard of Oz baby shower include creating sheet cakes decorated in yellow frosting as a "yellow brick road" featuring an image of ruby baby shoes instead of slippers. Bake sugar cookies in the shapes of baby versions of the characters, such as lion cubs and puppies. Rainbow cupcakes and cookies are another food option. Serve appetizers in wicker baskets like the one Dorothy carries, and spread mustard or yellow food coloring on finger sandwiches.


Shower favor ideas include key chains of red baby booties, which you can encrust with red sequins if desired. Tins featuring small, plush baby versions of animals in the film, such as dogs, lions and monkeys, are also options that party-goers can give to their children. Large lollipops like the one Dorothy is given by the munchkins in the beginning of the film are another favor option; decorate them with large yellow or blue and white gingham ribbons.