Witty Homemade Costume Ideas

by Dan Taylor
Creating your own costumes can save you time and money.

Creating your own costumes can save you time and money.

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Whether you don't want to pay any money for a costume you'll wear at a party only once or you just want to be creative, homemade costumes can be a lot of fun to make. You can choose from a number of witty and clever costume ideas that will express your personality at a Halloween party or any other occasion.

Half Man, Half Woman

Make a half-man, half-woman costume by sewing together a man's shirt and a woman's blouse, and a man's pants and a woman's pants or skirt. Sow the outfits together side-by-side so that the left side of your body will feature one gender, and the right side will showcase the other. Wear a high heel on one foot and a men's dress shoe on the other foot, and put makeup on one side of your face. You might even wear half a wig, or cut half your hair short.

Pun Costumes

Go for puns if you're in a cheesy mood. Halloween.com recommends a few simple costume ideas that require very little time and effort to pull off, and will certainly get people asking questions about your outfit. For example, wear pink clothing and carry a feather around with you so you can tell people you're "tickled pink," or dress in black and paint the outline of a shot glass on your shirt so you can go as a "shot in the dark."

Road Trip

A "road trip" outfit will offer a break in the norm from regular costumes. Create a dotted line on a dark-colored sweat suit by adding strips of yellow electrical tape going from the top to the bottom so you look like a highway, then glue some toy cars and other auto-themed decorations to the outfit to fit in with the road theme. You can create an Interstate road sign and glue it to your head, back or chest for added flavor.

Claw Machine

Get a large box and cut out openings in the front and sides, as well as holes in the bottom for your legs to fit through to create a claw machine costume like you see at the mall. Glue a backpack to the inside back panel of the box so you can wear the box, and then glue a joystick, buttons, coin slot and some stuffed animals and other toys to the front. Put on an animal costume and then climb into the box so you will look like one of the toys on display as well.

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