Willy Wonka Party Decoration Ideas

by Petra Turnbull
Willy Wonka's chocolate inventions provide plenty of ideas for party decorations.

Willy Wonka's chocolate inventions provide plenty of ideas for party decorations.

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Willy Wonka is one of the main protagonists in the children's book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by British-Norwegian writer Roald Dahl. Wonka is an eccentric chocolate manufacturer who invites the winners of a worldwide competition to join him for a day in his factory, where he produces the most amazing chocolate with often bizarre methods. The chocolate theme in the book, and the two movies based on the novel, provide an ideal framework for lavish party decorations.

Table Decorations

Use a colorful tablecloth and matching paper plates and cups, which you can usually find in dollar stores. Because you'll be using a large amount of chocolate elsewhere as decoration, it may be a good idea to use colorful fruits and vegetables as table decorations. Wrap up cherry tomatoes and small carrots in cellophane to make them look like hard candy, and use bowls with watermelons and strawberries to add color around the table. As a centerpiece, a chocolate fountain is the obvious choice, as it not only provides chocolate in accordance with the Willy Wonka theme, but also adds a dynamic element that children will find fascinating. At time of publication, chocolate fountains cost between $26 and $40.

Wall Decorations

Use rope lights, candy and lollipop strips, and colorful streamers as wall decorations. Make your own "golden tickets" with the help of golden Christmas wrapping paper and fasten them on the walls in the party area. In addition, Warner Brothers offers a free download of the movie poster with Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka, which you can print out and hang on the walls. On one or more shelves, you can place small brown paper bags with "Samples" written on them. Fill the bags with unmarked candy, gummy bears, licorice and gum. On other shelves, place jars or vases filled with various candies and chocolates.

Floor Decorations

Place small candies and chocolates in balloons before blowing them up and spread them around the party area. Wrap colorful paper around walking sticks or other large sticks and place them in corners. If you have indoor trees, decorate them with small treats and candy canes. Alternatively, take some large flowerpots and fill them with regular sand or compost, but place colorful aquarium gravel on the top layer. Stick large lollipops and candy canes into the gravel and sand and position the pots around the party area.


Decorate shrubs and trees outside with all kinds of sweets, including candy canes, lollipops, chocolate candies and hard candy. Hang colorful paper streamers and garlands around the garden or yard, and fasten banners with "Chocolate Factory This Way" or "Welcome to the Nation of Loompaland" on an available wall. You can easily make banners at home with the help of wallpaper rolls, pens and various stickers. If the party is in the evening, drape white or multicolored Christmas lights around the garden or yard.


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