How Do Wii Drum Sets Hook Up?

by A.J. Hawkins
Wii drum sets are based on the layout of traditional drum sets.

Wii drum sets are based on the layout of traditional drum sets.

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You can play several games, such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero, for the Nintendo Wii video gaming console using either wireless or wired drum sets. There are various different types of sets, including official Rock Band drums and third-party sets such as the wireless Logitech drum controller. Regardless of the type of drum set controller you have, the method of connecting them will be similar.

Wired or Wireless

First, you must determine whether your Wii drum set controller is wired or wireless by looking at the cables that came with the set. It is wired if there is a USB cable coming from the drum set itself. If there is no cable coming from the Wii drum sets, but instead there is a small Wii remote dongle included with the drums, then your drum set controller is wireless. For wired drums, plug the USB cable into one of the USB slots on the back of the Wii console; for wireless controllers, plug the dongle cable into the bottom slot on the Wii remote.

Power Up the Drums

To get your drums going, turn on the Nintendo Wii gaming console and load the appropriate video game with which you would like to use the drum set. Turn on the drum set by pressing the power button on the set, which should look like a symbol of the drum set. The wired drum set should now be recognized; for wireless drum sets, you will need to take additional steps to sync the drum sets.

Sync the Wii Remote

Your Wii remote controller should contain fresh AA batteries. Open the back of the Wii remote controller to change out the batteries. Sync the remote by pressing the red button on the inside of the remote and immediately pressing the red button behind the front inside cover of the Wii console, next to the memory card slot. The front LED light on your Wii remote should blink several times, then stay solid beneath one of the four player numbers.

Syncing Wireless Drums

Once the Wii remote is synced with the console, you can now sync the wireless Wii drum set controller. Open the memory card cover on the front of the Wii console and press the red sync button again. After pressing the button, immediately press the drum symbol button on the dongle cable to sync the controller. If it does not work the first time, unplug the dongle, plug it back into the controller and press both buttons again.


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