White & Navy Blue Wedding Themes

by Audrey Farley
White and navy wedding themes may be formal or casual.

White and navy wedding themes may be formal or casual.

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Choosing a wedding theme can be a fun and exciting task. You may want to choose a theme that has special meaning for you and your partner, such as a theme that reflects a shared interest or passion. Wedding themes often correspond with certain color schemes. If you have chosen navy blue and white colors, there are various romantic and creative themes from which to choose.


Use navy blue and white colors to create a nautical-themed wedding. Make centerpieces by filling a clear glass vase with white sand and seashells. If the vase has a lip, tie a navy blue ribbon around the vase to accent it. Use navy blue tablecloths and tie white satin bows to the backs of chairs. Alternatively, use white tablecloths and tie navy blue satin bows to the backs of chairs. Accent tables with white candles in the shape of lighthouses. Ask bridesmaids to wear navy dresses, whether short or long, and tie a navy blue sash around the flower girl's white dress. Carry white flowers in a bouquet tied with a navy ribbon.

Fourth of July

A white and navy color scheme is ideal for a Fourth of July or All-American inspired wedding. Whether the wedding is outdoors or indoors, create a patriotic theme with a navy blue and white color scheme. Decorate the center aisle with navy blue and white ribbon. Use wreath centerpieces with navy blue or white bows to invoke a memorial sentiment. Arrange a table of navy blue and white votive candles for guests to light in honor of a veteran. Ask groomsmen to wear white shirts, whether under a jacket or not, and navy blue neck or bow ties. Ask bridesmaids to wear navy blue tea-length dresses for a summery style.

Winter Wonderland

Create a winter wonderland with a white and navy blue color scheme. Request that bridesmaids wear a navy blue velvet or satin dress and white pearls around the neck. Use navy blue tablecloths and white accents, such as white votive candles floating in a glass vase. Hang white snowflakes from the ceiling with navy blue ribbons to enhance the mood. Attach navy and white balloons to entrance ways and to the gift table. Use winter-themed invitations, such as a white snowflake or snow angel, with navy font and a navy envelope seal.


Use a white and navy blue color scheme for a Cinderella or castle-themed wedding. Create a white entrance way to the reception that is shaped like a carriage or castle. Wind navy blue streamers around the carriage or castle. Use a white bird cage with a navy bow to collect cards at the gift table. For each centerpiece, place a fairy wand with white and navy blue ribbon streamers in a vase filled with navy blue marbles. Choose either navy or white tablecloths. For a wedding favor, give white bath powders labeled as fairy dust.

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