Whimsical Baby Shower Wording

by Lori Soard
Whimsical wording sets the tone for a imaginative baby shower theme.

Whimsical wording sets the tone for a imaginative baby shower theme.

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Whimsical baby showers can incorporate anything, from a medieval theme to classic fairy tales. Think about fun and fanciful sayings when wording the invitations for these showers. Also, consider going beyond a traditional folded card in an envelope. Imagine putting words to an entire box of trinkets and using them to invite guests to an "Alice in Wonderland" shower. Or how about clues to help them solve the mystery at a Clue-themed baby shower? No matter how fanciful the theme, remember that the invitation always should include the date, time and location of the shower.

"Alice in Wonderland"

Whether you love the traditional Lewis Carroll tale, Walt Disney's 1951 animated version or the modern tale starring Johnny Depp, let the story provide inspiration for the invitations to an "Alice In Wonderland" themed baby shower. Consider sending guests a small petit four that says "eat me" and a small bottle of water labeled "drink me." The accompanying invitation could read: "Hurry! Hurry! You mustn't be late. Be sure to mark the shower's date!" Add additional text inviting guests to a tea party in the mother-to-be's honor.

Medieval Theme

A medieval themed baby shower can be great fun. Imagine an invitation with castles. If the expectant mother is having a boy, add images of knights. If she is carrying a girl, then tiny princesses are more suitable. The wording could read: "Hear ye. Hear ye. On the third day of March, Princess Jane Doe requests the honor of your presence at a royal baby shower. "

Mystery Themed Shower

A baby shower based on the game "Clue" or even a Nancy Drew book is whimsical and memorable. A mystery should be solved at the shower, perhaps one that hints at the sex of the baby. The invitation could be worded like this: "Pull out your magnifying glass. Put on your detective hat. Solve the mystery about whether Jane's baby is a boy or a girl!"


A fairy theme for a baby shower offers the perfect opportunity to decorate with woodland scenes and tons of organza fabric. Remember to add a little "fairy dust," or glitter, to the invitation. On the invitation, write something like:: "The fairies are aflutter over the coming arrival of Jane Doe's baby. Join them for a romp through the forest as we celebrate."


The Candyland game makes a fun theme for a baby shower. Invitations can include almost any type of candy. Word the invite like this: "Jelly beans and lollipops galore. You won't believe the baby shower we have in store. You can almost hear the pitter patter of the baby's tiny feet. Be prepared for a sweet Candyland treat."

Father Time

A time-themed shower works well with large groups. Each person is assigned a time of day, such as bedtime or breakfast, for their present. Assign several people the same time of day to ensure each period is covered. The invitation can say: "The clock is ticking and the baby will arrive soon. Father time already bought the silver spoon. Now it's your turn to share in the fun. Bring a gift for the time slot you're on."

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