How to Take Western Dress-Up Photos at a Party

by Victoria Kennedy
Provide party guests with Western-themed props and costumes for unique photo souvenirs.

Provide party guests with Western-themed props and costumes for unique photo souvenirs.

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With the popularity of social media sites, taking playful and creative photographs has become an essential part of many parties and gatherings. If you are looking to do something unique, consider creating a photo booth station at your party for guests to take Western-themed photos. Provide guests with props and costumes. Encourage guests to go wild in front of the camera for interesting and memorable souvenirs.

Items you will need

  • Digital camera
  • Tripod
  • Cowboy boots
  • Cowboy hats
  • Bandannas
  • Shirts of various sizes in denim and plaid fabrics
  • Fake mustache
  • Fake beard
  • Sheriff star badge
  • Lasso
  • Additional props and costumes as desired
Step 1

Place your photo booth station in an appropriate location. Make sure that it will not be in the way during the party, but ensure that it will still be accessible for your guests.

Step 2

Set up a camera on a tripod where you wish your photo station to be. Ensure that your camera has adequate battery life for the party and that the secure digital memory (SD) card has sufficient space for the pictures. An SD card is a storage unit for multimedia devices, and is used in place of film in digital cameras.

Step 3

Set up a curtain or backdrop if desired. Consider positioning a projector behind a hanging white sheet or curtain and rear-projecting a Western background that guests can stand in front of while taking photos.

Step 4

Place a stool or bench in the photo area so that guests can sit or stand when taking photos.

Step 5

Place the props and costumes near the photo area. It may help to place items on a coat rack or in a box.

Step 6

Use a remote control to operate the digital camera, if you have one or wish to purchase one. Alternatively, you can assign someone to be the photographer for the night or have guests take turns.

Step 7

Let your guests know about the photo station. Throughout the party, encourage guests to go over to the photo booth in groups to take Western dress-up photos.

Step 8

Share the images with your guests after the party. Share photos with your friends on social networking sites, or print the photos and give them to your guests as souvenirs. If you have a home photo printer, you can even do this near the end of the party so that guests can take photos home with them.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make a variety of props and costumes available so that the pictures won't look too repetitive.
  • Ensure that there are enough props and costumes so that groups of four or more people can participate in the photos.
  • Having someone monitoring the camera may be desirable to ensure that all participants are within the frame.
  • If you use a remote control with your camera, tie the remote to the camera with a length of ribbon or string to ensure it doesn't go missing.
  • Check to make sure that none of your guests are against having their picture placed on a social media network before sharing photos on the Internet.

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