Welcoming Shower Invitations

by Shannon Ankeny
Many craft stores and speciality shops sell materials specifically for shower invitations.

Many craft stores and speciality shops sell materials specifically for shower invitations.

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Bright, welcoming wording and graphics will make shower invitations personal and friendly for guests, and make invitees excited to attend your party. Make your own invitations for a shower with online printing sources and photo editing tools or work with a graphic designer to come up with the perfect welcoming phrases for your shower. Follow a few simple rules to ensure your guests can't turn you down.


Graphics add to the text and purpose of a shower invitation. They make invitations especially personal and welcoming, if the graphic included on the invite is a picture of the person or people the shower honors. Baby shower invitations can include the expectant mother, or even a picture of her baby, if the shower occurs after the birth. Order these online at sites such as Shutterfly, Snapfish or Kodak. Another option includes designing these at photo kiosks in stores such as Walgreen's, Target or Walmart.

Wording for Formal Showers

Formal showers necessitate proper wording with phrases in the third person. It is also customary on formal invitations to list a general dress code, such as "dressy casual" or "festive attire." Save smaller details, such as if gifts are being accepted, for questions you may receive on RSVPs or personal calls from guests.

Wording for Casual Showers

Write casual shower invitations in the first person for more flexibility. This allows for playfulness in the wording of the party's details. Use cute rhymes that clue the guests in to the type of party, and incorporate the date, time and place into the lines to serve dual purpose. Wording on casual invites can also include personal details, such as funny, yet appropriate, idiosyncrasies about the host, not included on a formal invite.

How to Announce if Children Are Invited

Adult-only showers can easily be made into awkward situations if an invitation does not clearly state if children are welcome. If you do decide to print this detail on your invite, save it as the last thing before the RSVP information, putting it at the beginning can make guests with children feel uncomfortable. If you choose not to print it on the invite, notify guests who do RSVP by calling them before the party.

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