Weiner Roast Birthday Party Games

by Christi Aldridge

A weiner roast is a perfect birthday party idea for the warmer months. Fire up the grill and let the kids run around in the sun while everyone eats hot dogs and other summer foods. Keep large groups of kids occupied with some games that can be played outdoors.

Balloon Bust

This noisy game will have kids stomping around trying to bust as many balloons as they can. Use string to tie blown-up balloons to the ankles of each player. Blow a whistle or yell "Go!" to start the action. Players must try to stomp on other players' balloons. The person with the last intact balloon will win the game.

Spoon Race

A spoon race will get kids feeling competitive. Give each kid a large soup ladle or serving spoon and set up a large bowl filled with pennies. Designate a space for the finish line. Each player must fill his spoon with coins and race to the finish line. If any coins are dropped, the player must stop to pick them up and put them back in the spoon. The winner is the first to arrive at the finish line with all the coins in the spoon.

Classic Sports

Turn your backyard into a sports arena with some classic outdoor games that will get kids up and running. Set up a baseball diamond and have the kids play baseball or softball; younger kids could play tee ball. A badminton net and some rackets can be great entertainment. Horseshoes, dodgeball, kickball and football are also good options. Hand out gloves and balls for a game of catch or supply a soccer ball for an impromptu game.


This is a silly game that will give kids an excuse to get goofy. One child will be the "ghost" and the other players will be bodies in the "graveyard." The players form themselves into a circle with the ghost standing in the center. The "bodies" then lie down on their backs. The ghost must try to make the other players laugh but cannot touch anyone. Whoever laughs will become a ghost too. The last remaining "body" will be the new ghost in another round of the game.

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