Wedding Shower: Scavenger Hunt Ideas

by Kathryn Walsh
Make the scavenger hunt the first activity of the party.

Make the scavenger hunt the first activity of the party.

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Scavenger hunts require the players to be up and moving, so playing these games at a bridal shower guarantees that it won't be dull. You must write out and copy the list of items to be found ahead of time, so don't leave the planning until the last minute. And don't forget to stock up on prizes for the winners. A bottle of wine or pedicure gift certificate will motive everyone to try her hardest.


A photographic scavenger hunt ensures that the bride will have plenty of photos to remember her special day. Write up a list of sights that you expect to see happen at a bridal shower, like "two women hugging," or "someone with a mouthful of cake." Ask guests to bring digital cameras to the shower. Anyone who doesn't have one can pair up with a friend. The guest who takes photos of the most moments on the list wins. At the end of the shower, pass out the bride's email address and ask guests to send her all the photos they took so she can see the shower through their eyes.


Just about every guest who walks through the door will have a purse with her, and many women's purses contain a few random and surprising items. Make a list of objects that guests might have in their purses. Include some common things like breath mints or keys, then add some less common items like a flashlight or a box of crayons. Give each guest a copy and encourage her to find one guest who's carrying each item. Give a prize to the guest who finds the most items.

Bride and Groom

If you're holding an outdoor shower with plenty of space, encourage your guests to spread out by hiding items they must find. Ask the bride to send you some photos of herself with her groom, then make a few copies of each. Make several copies of her wedding invitation and write out interesting facts about the bride and groom onto small cards as well. Hide all the photos and cards throughout the area, then challenge guests to find them.


Since many shower guests won't know each other, a personal information scavenger hunt is both a game and an icebreaker. Write up a list of characteristics, such as "Speaks German," or "Married to someone whose name starts with 'J'," and ask each guest to find someone who fits each one. Make a rule that guests can't list the same person for more than one quality, so they'll be sure to talk to many other guests.

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