Wedding Shower Ideas for Second-Time Brides

by Elle Hanson
Bridal showers are a time to celebrate and enjoy good company.

Bridal showers are a time to celebrate and enjoy good company.

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If your friend is a second-time bride, it doesn't mean she shouldn't enjoy the excitement and fun of a wedding shower. Wedding showers serve essentially two purposes. The first is to give the bride an opportunity to get together with all her female friends before the big day. The second is for her to receive gifts that will help prepare her for the new marriage. Regardless of the kind of wedding shower you choose to host for your friend, it should reflect her personality and situation in life.

Lingerie Wedding Shower

If this is a second marriage, chances are that the bride-to-be is more mature and established than a first-time bride. Whereas many young engaged couples face the burden of setting up a home, the bride and her fiance may already have all the home goods they need. If this is the case, try hosting a lingerie shower instead. A little risque, lingerie showers are guaranteed to be full of laughter and joking. Plus, all the new lingerie will seriously spice up her honeymoon.

Couple's Wedding Shower

First-time marriages usually take place in a person's twenties, when she still has many single friends. With a second marriage, most of the bride's friends may be married. Although it is traditional to invite only women to a bridal shower, a couple's shower may be perfect if the bride and her fiance have mostly married friends. This will give her and the groom a unique shared experience that is well geared to their social lives.

Themed Wedding Shower

If the bride-to-be has all the home necessities and is more interested in the social aspect than the gifts at her wedding shower, plan a themed wedding shower that emphasizes one of her personal interests, passions or hobbies. For example, if she is a wine connoisseur, ask each guest to bring a bottle of her favorite wine. For a more traditional shower, give all of the wine to the bride. Or, for a unique approach, arrange a wine-tasting contest. Ask each guest to taste and vote for her favorite wine, and present the guest who brought the best wine with all of the bottles. Be sure to ask the bride whether she would enjoy this type of activity in advance. Regardless of the theme you choose, you can opt to give the gifts to the bride or use them in an entertaining party game.

Family-Friendly Wedding Shower

If either the bride or her fiance have children, including them in the wedding shower is one way to get them excited about the upcoming nuptials. Invite the bride's friends to bring their children along as well and plan an event with activities for both the kids and adults. For example, arrange for a babysitter or two to keep the children entertained with games and contests that you plan in advance. Meanwhile, the ladies can enjoy one another's company. Instead of asking the guests to bring gifts for the bride, ask them to bring small gifts for the bride's children or future stepchildren. This can help the youngsters to feel loved and valued through the difficult process of merging two families. Another option is to ask the bride's friends to gift her with one or two free babysitting sessions. After she is married, the bride will undoubtedly welcome free childcare as an opportunity for some intimacy with her new husband.

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