Wedding Shower Icebreaker Games

by Krystal Miller
Use a small bowl of pastel-colored candies for wedding shower icebreakers.

Use a small bowl of pastel-colored candies for wedding shower icebreakers.

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Start a wedding shower off on the right foot by preparing a few icebreakers games for the guests to play. Icebreakers are a means of introducing new names and faces to keep the event's mood fun. Encourage everyone to play along by awarding small prizes, such as gift sets and gift cards, to game winners.

Bingo Games

Break the ice while the party guests learn each others' name with a game of bingo. Give each guest a blank bingo card and have her walk around asking other guest's names. She must write the name of a guest in each square. After everyone fills their card, randomly call out the names of the party guest. The first player to bingo wins a prize. For a variation, write general statements in each square like "has on a blue shirt" or "someone with green eyes." The guests must walk around and find a player that meets that statement to have her sign her name in the square. The first player to get a row of signed names wins the game.

Memory Games

Tell the guests they have five minutes to mingle with as many party guests as they can. After five minutes, have everyone sit in one room and ask one player to leave the room. Ask the questions about the player who left the room like "What color was her shirt?" and "What color eyes does she have?" Ask other players to leave the room and ask questions about them. The player who answers the most questions correctly wins the game.

Circle Games

Ask the guests to sit in a circle and pass around a bowl of chocolate candies. Tell the guests to take as many as they would like. After each player has candy, tell the players they much share their name plus an interesting fact about herself for each piece of candy she took. Another idea is to give each player 10 pieces of candy. One player must stand up and say something she has never done, such as "I have never been married" or "I have never been married more than twice." Any player who has must give her a piece of candy. After each player speaks, the player with the most pieces of candy wins the game.

Question Games

Write down several random questions like "What is your name," "Where are you from," "How did you meet the bride-to-be" and "What is one of your favorite hobbies" on index cards. Pass the cards around the room and have the party guests answers the questions. For a fun variation, write the same questions on a pastel-colored beach ball. Pass the ball around the room. When a player catches the ball, she must answer the question under her right thumb.

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