Wedding Shower Games for a Lot of Guests

by Natalie Chardonnet
Games provide entertainment for wedding shower attendees.

Games provide entertainment for wedding shower attendees.

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If you're hosting a wedding shower for a large group and don't know what form of entertainment to have, don't worry. Many wedding shower games can be played by large groups while still providing entertainment. The following games don't require a lot of preparation and can keep a large group occupied.

Icebreaker Game

With a large group, there are bound to be people who don't know one another. Ease the introduction process and make it entertaining by playing this game with your guests. Go around the room and have each person introduce herself, giving two facts and one lie. The other guests must guess which statement is a lie. Encourage your guests to create amusing lies in order to ease the stress of not knowing everyone.

Bridal Bingo

Bingo is easy to play with a large group, and bridal bingo keeps people occupied while the bride-to-be opens her gifts. Give shower guests a blank bingo card and have them fill in what gifts they think the bride will receive. Have inexpensive prizes on hand for winners.

Bride Quiz

The day before the shower, type up a list of questions about the bride. The questions can be anything from "What high school did you attend?" to "What is your worst fear?" Work with the bride to make sure you know the answers to the questions. Hand out quiz sheets to the party guests and after they've filled them out, see who knows the bride the best. Give that person a prize.


Give each guest a piece of paper and have her write down a good memory she has with the bride, but don't let her write her name on the sheet. Have a bridesmaid collect the papers and read each memory out loud. The other guests must try to guess who the bride participated in the activity with.

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