Wedding Party Table Floral Arrangement

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Many brides choose fresh flowers for the wedding party table.

Many brides choose fresh flowers for the wedding party table.

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From the flowers that decorate the church altar and aisles, to the bouquet that the bride carries, flowers make a specific statement and set the tone for any wedding. Even at the reception, the floral theme continues. When the wedding party settles themselves at their designated table, it's only right that the flowers for that table be bigger and bolder than those used as centerpieces on the rest of the surfaces in the room.

Number of Arrangements

The number of arrangements for the wedding party table depends on the size of the table. A small table for a party of four to six people requires only one arrangement centrally placed. On the other hand, larger tables for eight to twelve people can and should display at least two or three arrangements. Since most wedding party tables are long, rectangular and situated at the front of the room, using more than one arrangement balances the look and offers an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Placement of Arrangements

While the style of the floral arrangements for the wedding party table is typically dictated by the style of your reception, there are other factors to consider. Although a large arrangement is nice, it's important not to block the faces of the members of the wedding party behind a blast of blooms. Some couples choose a moderate-sized arrangement for the center of the table, and place smaller arrangements further out toward either end of the table.

Arrangement Styles

It's possible for the wedding couple to make a statement of their style based on the type of floral arrangements they choose. One option includes a larger arrangement in the middle of the table and flower boxes bursting with blooms that line the front of the table, leaving plenty of room for diners behind them. Others may choose a large arrangement for the middle and a row of several small arrangements extending out toward either end of the table. Some couples opt for an opulent floral swag affixed to the front of the table so as not to block their view. Many couples integrate candles and mirrors with floral arrangements to create a regal glow, or strew piles of petals underneath their arrangements to create a scented bed of color on the head table.

Choice of Flowers

The flowers chosen for the wedding party table are just as important as those used for the wedding. As everyone enjoys their meal or hors d'hoeuvres, they have time to enjoy the scenery and take in the decor. Couples often choose to mimic the floral arrangements used at the wedding and select the same varieties of flowers in the same colors. Others like to change it up completely and present a totally different style of flora than what they used at the wedding venue. Fragrant flowers are especially appropriate to give guests a whiff of heavenly scents when they pass by the married couple's table.

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