Wedding & Baby Shower Games

by Donna Tinus

Many women wouldn't think a shower is complete without some type of shower game. The games help to fill time between food and gifts. They also encourage the guests to mingle and have fun. Bridal shower games focus on the bride-to-be, while the baby shower games are all about the baby. While games are fun, they are more fun if there is a prize given out to the winner.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

This wedding shower game gets the guests out of their seats and usually encourages laughter. The hostess divides the group into teams of two or three guests, depending on the size of the party. Each team is given a few rolls of toilet paper -- use the soft kind -- and told to make a bridal down on one of their team members. The bride picks which dress she likes best, or the group can vote.

Missing Ingredients

Before the bridal shower, make up 10 standard recipes that everyone would most likely know, such as cookies, chicken noodle soup or crab cakes. When writing up the recipes, eliminate one ingredient. Make copies of each recipe for all the guests. The ladies then should put their names on the cards and must fill in the missing ingredient. As the bride opens her gifts, one bridesmaid can "grade" all the recipes. The guest who gets the most recipe cards right is the winner.

Don't Say "Baby"

The object of this baby shower game is to challenge guests to go through the whole baby shower without saying the word "baby." They must use their imaginations and think of an alternate word. The hostess, or someone she picks for this job, gives each arriving guest a diaper pin to pin onto her clothes. After everyone arrives, she should explain the rules. If one guest says the word "baby," the person who catches it gets her pin. The guest with the most pins at the end of the baby shower wins the game.

Name That Baby

This game is a good way to break the ice at the beginning of a baby shower. It is especially effective as a mixer for people who don't know each other well. In the shower invitation, ask each person to bring a picture of themselves as a baby. The hostess collects them all and pins them on a string next to a number. Each person has to write down who each baby picture belongs to. This forces each guest to find out what the other guests names are.

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