Ways to Make Crepe Paper Garlands

by Sarah Freeman
Use crepe paper in a variety of colors.

Use crepe paper in a variety of colors.

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Lightweight and colorful crepe paper is often sold in rolls at party supply stores. However, instead of simply stringing this paper across a room, add some flair to the crepe paper and create a beautiful and festive garland. You can make a variety of crepe paper garland styles, which you can design using craft supplies you might already have at home.


When decorating with crepe paper, something as simple as a twist can transform the look of the streamers into decorative designs. Begin with a long roll of crepe paper streamers. Attach one end of the roll to whatever you want to decorate. As you unroll the paper, rotate the garland in one direction. This will create a spiraled twist that runs the entire length of the decor. Add some extra pizzazz to the design by twisting two different colors of crepe paper together.


Use crepe paper to create delicate flowers that can be strung together in a decorative garland. Begin by cutting out a small flower from the crepe paper. This blossom can be first drawn by hand, or use a flower-shaped hole punch to make the shape. Glue the back of this flower to a piece of string. Continue the process until the entire string is filled with crepe paper flowers. For added dimension, pinch some of the flowers in the center before gluing them onto the string to create a blossom that pops out from the garland.


Sewing machines are typically used on fabric; however, you can use your needle and thread to create a one-of-a-kind crepe paper garland. Start with a roll of crepe paper streamers. Place one end under the foot of the sewing machine. As the needle pulls it forward, press the paper toward the foot so that it piles on top of itself as it passes under the needle. Continue this the entire length of the roll to create a garland of vintage-inspired, gathered crepe paper.


Crepe paper is often too delicate to decorate with markers or paints. But you can use rubber stamps and inks to adorn the paper and create a design on your garland. Use any ink pad and rubber stamp, such as a shape like a star or a textured pattern. Cover the entire length of the garland. Make a textured edge on the crepe paper, too, by snipping along its perimeter with craft scissors, which will leave a zig-zag or wavy pattern in the paper.

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