What Is a Watermelon Party?

by Laurie Dickinson
Watermelons are summertime party staples.

Watermelons are summertime party staples.

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Summertime is here! Farmer's markets are overflowing with colorful fruits and vegetables -- squash, mangoes, tomatoes and melons -- all fresh, delicious summer treats. However, nothing symbolizes summer like a watermelon. This sweet, juicy gourd-like fruit is a summertime tradition and a party staple. So what exactly is a watermelon party? A watermelon party consists of lots and lots of watermelons for seed-spitting, carving contests and, of course, just plain eating.


Most of us remember the days of watermelon seed-spitting contests as children. No watermelon party is right without one. Depending on how many guests, cut some old-fashioned seeded watermelons. A klondike is perfect for this party activity; however, you might have to go to a farmer's market to find one since most supermarkets nowadays only sell the seedless varieties. Make sure you are outdoors for this messy activity; it is even recommended you wear a bathing suit. Start eating and start spitting those slimy black seeds and let the fun begin. Remember, though, what your grandmother said. If you swallow the seeds, a watermelon vine will grow out of your ears.


No watermelon party is complete without a watermelon carving activity. This is an adult activity since sharp knives are required. Set out several watermelons of different sizes and shapes. Cut the fruit out of the center and put it into bowls for future consumption. Your guests can get creative carving watermelon baskets, faces, baby seats or whatever artful creation strikes their fancies. You can then put the watermelon chunks, cut out at the beginning, into the baskets and serve the watermelon. Other guests can vote on the most creative watermelon sculpture.

Tasting Contest

Your guests can also bring different kinds of watermelons to the party for a tasting contest. Watermelons come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and tastes. Farmers and horticulturists have been working on cultivating tasty watermelons from the 10-pound sugar baby to the 40-pound jubilee. For this part of the festivities, guests can compete to bring the tastiest, most unusual watermelon they can find.

Watermelon-Eating Contest

Your watermelon party isn't complete until the watermelon eating contest. You might want to have this earlier than later, so your contestants aren't completely full before they begin. Watermelon-eating contests are just what they sound like. Contestants are presented with several watermelons, equal in size. When the gun goes off, they start eating. The contestant who eats the most wins the prize; it could be his very own watermelon to take home.

Other Ideas

Since you might have guests who don't like watermelons (I know, crazy right?), you want to make sure you have plenty of other outdoor party foods. Many watermelon parties are also a good excuse for barbecue with fresh vegetables,, grilling with hamburgers and ribs. Make sure there is plenty to drink on hand, too, such as watermelon-strawberry smoothies, because everyone needs to stay hydrated in the summer heat.

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