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Arkansas Swimming Holes

Arkansas is full of beautiful swimming holes, many of which have bluffs over the steep water so swimmers can jump from the bluffs into the cool water. The Buffalo River is especially rich in pristine swimming holes, some easily accessible by car, and others that are remote wilderness holes that the intrepid hiker or canoeist can seek out.

Beaches Near Coconut Creek, Florida

Coconut Creek, Florida is a city of about 50,000 people, located about six miles from Florida's Atlantic coast. The close proximity to the coast offers residents and visitors easy access to one of several beaches located along the ocean front.

How to Become a Good Wakeboarder

If you expect to become a better wakeboarder, prepare to put your work in during the off-season. Just like most other sports, wakeboarding requires strength, stamina and skill, all of which can be improved upon during winter training sessions. Whether you're a beginner or are looking to go pro, there are a few tips that will help you elevate to the next level. Even those who are restricted to indoor training during colder months will see an improvement.

How to Become a Surfer Girl

Surfing is more than a sport; it is a lifestyle. If you have seen a few surfer girls wandering your local pier with boards in tow and want to adopt their style, buying the right clothes is just a small part of the process. Surfer girls are known for their carefree attitudes, courage under fire, casual dress and, of course, ability to charge waves just as well as the boys. Becoming a surfer girl takes time and dedication, especially when you get out into the water.

How to Boat in Large Waves

Taking your sailboat or powerboat into the open sea can be an exhilarating experience. But what happens when your peaceful journey is threatened by large waves? Waves behave in unpredictable ways due to varying water depths, opposing currents and weather conditions. When boating alone or with friends, it is the skipper's responsibility to safely navigate his boat through any kind of weather and sea condition. Be prepared for the possibility of large waves before you head out to sea.

Boating Near Helena, MT

Helena, Montana, is within an hour's drive of at least four lakes that allow a variety of watercraft. Whether you're interested in sailing, motor boating, canoeing or rafting, you can find something nearby. You should verify that you have all the appropriate permits before boating, and that you abide by all state laws.

Cabins in North Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, nestled in the alpine crests of the Sierra Nevada mountains bridging California and Nevada, is a year-round playground attracting skiers and snowboarders in winter, outdoor enthusiasts seeking cycling, sailing and hiking in summer, and culture buffs who want to enjoy the many arts festivals held throughout the year. While the lake’s southern shores are known for glitzy casinos and the party scene, North Lake Tahoe is considered to be more upscale and family friendly. Staying in North Lake Tahoe cabins is one way to avoid the tourist frenzies that can surround the lake’s hotel scene. When choosing where to rent a cabin in North Lake Tahoe, know that each village has its own distinct charm.

Cambridge Hotels on the River

The lively university town of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is separated from the sprawling metropolis of Boston by the Charles River. The handful of hotels located on or near the banks of the Charles River offer scenic surroundings, views of the rooftops and skyscrapers of both Cambridge and Boston and a convenient proximity to riverside walking paths.

Canoe Paddle Sizing for Tandem Paddling

Whether you are planning on a relaxing afternoon paddling across a peaceful flat water lake or an exhilarating race through whitewater rapids, it is important to have the proper size of paddle for tandem canoeing. Simply standing next to a paddle cannot determine the size you will need for optimal comfort, speed and strength. Instead, you should take the time to follow a few simple steps to choose your personal canoe paddle size, weight and shape. Then, simply hold on tight when the rapids come and you are sure to have an unforgettable outing.

Canoeing in the Rifle River in Michigan

The Rifle River starts in northeastern Ogemaw County, Michigan, and runs through Arenac County before joining Lake Huron. Along the way, there are many scenic areas to canoe through to experience the beauty of that part of Michigan. The trumpeter swan, the largest bird in Michigan, is plentiful along the river, and if you're near Grebe Lake in the spring, you will see loons. The most common wildflowers are the lady's slipper, cardinal flower and the Indian paintbrush. Several canoe-rental businesses offer riverfront camping facilities and a variety of amenities to meet every budget.

How to Catch Big Air on a Wakeboard

Catching air on a wakebaord is almost completely contrary to one's instinct to thrust his legs into the ground when jumping. When jumping a wake, unlike jumping on land, you must let the tension of the rope and the ramp-like shape of the wake do most of the work for you. For that reason, it can be difficult to jump a wake correctly. However, if you start small and do not approach the wake too aggressively, you will begin to catch bigger and bigger air.

Cave Snorkeling in Thailand

Snorkelers in Thailand can expect an experience unique to the region, with an array of wildlife and coral that occurs only in Thailand's slice of the globe. For those looking for an even greater thrill, cave snorkeling can provide greater excitement and an insight into cave ecosystems rarely seen outside on the surface, including rare rock formations and fish types. Before setting out on a cave snorkeling expedition in Thailand, travelers should keep a number of things in mind.

Chicago Hotels With Spectacular Lake Views

Besides the abundant dining, shopping and entertainment, tourists and residents alike flock to Chicago for its free beaches and public park system spanning 26 miles of lakefront. Lodging options from budget-friendly to luxury give you an opportunity to savor a birds-eye view of one of the Windy City’s top attractions — Lake Michigan.

Clear Water Snorkeling at New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Between May and October each year, visitors to New Smyrna Beach, Florida, can observe sea turtles. These animals come ashore to lay their eggs on the beach, with this only one of the outdoor attractions the city offers. Other options include snorkeling, with New Smyrna Beach having backwater lagoon and coastal waters to enjoy this activity.

How to Determine the Right Wakeboard Boots

Wakeboarding is a water sport similar to water skiing where the rider stands on a single board instead of skis, in a stance similar to snowboarding and surfing. Like snowboarding, a wakeboarder secures his feet to the board with a combination of boots and bindings. Wakeboard boots are similar to water ski bindings in that they are adjustable and many foot sizes can share the same boot, but some features differ between boot styles that you'll want to understand when choosing the right ones for your use and riding style.

How Did Michael Phelps Get Started?

Michael Phelps is a well-known Olympic swimmer. He won eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, simultaneously setting new world swim records. Michael has the perfect physique for a swimmer, with long limbs and large hands and feet. However, it was his hard work, determination and love of competitive swimming that really helped propel Michael Phelps to Olympic greatness.

The Difference Between Snorkeling & Scuba

Snorkeling and scuba diving both involve underwater exploration. Due to the excitement they provide, these two activities both serve as some of the most popular water sports. While they do have some overlapping similarities, there are four fundamental differences between snorkeling and scuba diving.

Five Major Lakes in Illinois

The state of Illinois is comprised of 57,918 square miles, and it is bordered on the northeast by Lake Michigan, which is 22,400 square miles in size. So there is no doubt about which lake in Illinois is the major lake. However, for lake-goers headed to Illinois who may not be equipped or inclined to take on the big waters of Lake Michigan, there are four other inland lakes that take the second, third, fourth and fifth place categories.

The Differences Between Skimboarding and Surfing

Water sports, such as skimboarding and surfing, have become popular in coastal places around the world. Both take place on top of a board among the waves of the ocean, both are dangerous and both are enjoyed by many people. While there are many similarities between skimboarding and surfing, there are also many differences.