Water Parks in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

by Sara Rajan
Beat the heat at a refreshing water park near Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Beat the heat at a refreshing water park near Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

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When the warm, humid summers hit northeastern Ohio, jump in the refreshing blue waters of a water park. If your location is Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, you can find one water park in town and three others in about a 50-mile radius. Each has water activities for every member of the family, plus they offer extra attractions for after you towel off.

Water Works Aquatic Center

The Water Works Aquatic Center (no website; 2025 Munroe Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls; 330-971-8299) is a family water park that offers activities for people of all ages. This park features enclosed tube slides, drop slides, open body slide, geysers, a lazy river, waterfalls, a sand play area and picnic tables and grills. Facilities exist for private parties.

Clearwater Park

Just 20 miles southeast of Cuyahoga Falls in Uniontown, Clearwater Park (clearwaterpark.net) features 144-foot water slides, a heated pool, log roller, diving board area and two smaller slides for toddlers. Also included is mini golf, concession stands and picnic areas. Clearwater Park offers entertainment such as animal shows, car shows and dog swimming.

Clay's Park Resort

Located in North Lawrence, 26 miles southwest of Cuyahoga Falls, Clay's Park (clayspark.com) features children's inflatable slides, a 10-acre swimming lake, water slides, sliding boards, barrel rolls and kayaks. Also available are land activities, such as a skate and bike park, a children's playground, paintball fields, volleyball courts, hiking and biking trails.

Baylor Beach Park

Located 44 miles south of Cuyahoga Falls in Navarre, Baylor Beach (baylorbeachpark.com) has a 2-acre water park equipped with a swimming lake, diving boards, log roll, a 90-foot water tube slide, paddle boats and aqua bikes. Also included at the park are playgrounds, campgrounds, sand volleyball and concession stands.

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