What Are Walt Disney World's Prime & Low Seasons?

by Rebecca Brogdon
Summer is a busy season for Walt Disney World parks.

Summer is a busy season for Walt Disney World parks.

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With more than 25 million visitors annually, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. When planning a Disney vacation, you will have many decisions to make. The first, and maybe most important, is when to go. Knowing the peak and low attendance times will help you determine the best time for your trip to Disney.


Winter brings a mix of crowd flow to Disney World. Christmas week through New Year's Day is one of the park's peak times. Kids are out of school and Christmas decorations sparkle, making it a very popular season for Disney guests. Once that peak time is over, however, crowds ease. The weeks between New Year's and President's Day have some of the smallest crowds. The weekend of President's Day, February 22, boosts attendance again as people take advantage of the long weekend. Crowds are moderate through the rest of winter.


As you might imagine, spring begins a busy time for Disney parks. As schools around the nation gear up for spring break, so do Disney vacationers. Orlando weather is usually picture perfect during spring, children are out of school for a weeklong break, and the Easter holiday falls during this time. All these things work together to make spring a peak season for Walt Disney World. The one drop in spring crowds falls in the first few weeks of May when spring break is over, but Memorial Day hasn't arrived.


As Memorial Day kicks off summer, it also signals the start of Disney's busiest time. Crowds will be thick on Memorial Day weekend. They will taper off a bit for the first two weeks of June, until increasing mid-June through August.


After the Labor Day holiday, attendance at Disney parks drops dramatically. September and October are some of Walt Disney World's quietest times. The Columbus Day holiday brings a slight increase in crowds. The first two weeks of November are commonly low attendance; however, Thanksgiving week is a peak time for Walt Disney World parks. Once Thanksgiving week is over, the parks see a drop in guests until Christmas.

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