Walled Lake Events in Michigan

by Ana Purna

The city of Walled Lake sits on the shore of its namesake, in the lake country of east-central Michigan on the outskirts of Detroit. Walled Lake is home to approximately 7,000 people. The city and surrounding communities play host to many events that take advantage of the area's natural beauty.

Memorial Day Parade

Walled Lake puts on a Memorial Day parade that draws a crowd from around the region. This annual roving public celebration marches through Walled Lake's quaint Historic Downtown district. The Walled Lake Memorial Day Parade is a beloved local event, considered the biggest party of the year.

Ice Fishing Competition

In its third year in winter 2011, the Walled Lake Ice Fishing Competition draws hardy sportsmen from the lake country to the frozen waters. This all-day tournament begins at sunrise and concludes at 6 p.m., and anglers of all ages are invited to participate. Strict rules regarding use of shanties and properly marked holes must be followed for contestants to claim the $300 prize purse for the largest fish caught during the day.

Vintage Car Show

The Walled Lake Vintage Car Show is a springtime celebration of motor vehicles more than 25 years old. Local and regional enthusiasts can bring their vintage models to Walled Lake to take part. Car contests in various categories, door prizes and a raffle are a few of the festival's highlights, and the whole event is a fundraiser for local vehicle restoration projects.

Farmers Market

Walled Lake's Farmers Market takes place every Wednesday from May until October. The Farmers Market is at the event center near City Hall, in the heart of Walled Lake, and runs from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. Locals come to buy fresh, local produce and products from regional farmers and craftsmen. This weekly event offers a chance for fellowship and education about Walled Lake's local food community.

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