A Walkthrough for the Game "Golden Trails: The New Western Rush"

by Alex Tannin

"Golden Trails: The New Western Rush" is a point-and-click adventure game for both the PC and Mac. A gamer takes control of a sheriff in the days of the Wild West who is attempting to find the culprits behind an audacious bank robbery before bringing them to justice. As with most hidden object games, "Golden Trails: The New Western Rush" has a player click items on various screens, adding the items to her inventory and using them when the time is right.

Somerville Part One

In the bank, open the drawer at the back right of the room and take the bandanna that's in there. Take the axe at the front of the room and move the book that's next to it. There will be a cigar under the book that you can take. Go to the town square and move the umbrella to see a footprint. Push the broom to one side and take the handkerchief that's there. Take the rake leaning on the front of the bank. Click the boxes at the right side of the screen to see a boarded-up area you can't enter. Move to the barn and use your axe to chop the barrel in half. Dynamite is inside; take it. Use your rake on the haystack to find a cigar case that you can take, and take the key dangling from outside Joe's Stable. Move to the hotel and take the stolen Bible off the stool.

Somerville Part Two

Take the letter opener off the top of the suitcase and open the envelope with it to find a letter. Use the door key to open the door at the back of the room. Enter that room and take the keys and handle off the bed. Knock the bag off the bed to find a shoe; take the shoe, as well. Go back into the hotel and attach the handle to the cabinet. Read the check that's inside the cabinet. Go to the sheriff's office and take the stolen horseshoe from the door at the right side of the screen. Pick the sheriff's badges up. Open the drawer and take the pry bar. Move the hat and take the receipt from underneath it. Use your keys on the locked box to find the documents and take them. Go back to the square and use the pry bar on the wooden boards and take the note. Place the five items of evidence onto the evidence page, play the short shooting gangster mini-game, then place the other three items of evidence onto the evidence page. Episode one is now completed.

Camp Chippawa Part One

In the canyon, take the stolen gun from the tree. Move the pile of clothes to see the horse trails. Move the rock to one side to take the tickets that are underneath it. Take the bone from the top of the screen. Go to the Indian camp and push the bush to the side to view the horse brand. Give the bone to the dog and enter the wigwam. Take the stolen blue flower from the buffalo. Open the trunk and take the money from inside it. Move the ceremonial mask to one side and take the matches. Go to the old watermill and take the dagger from out of the sack. Scoop the grain to find a hidden note. Move the wheat to find some hidden cartridges and take them. Use the key present to enter the basement.

Camp Chippawa Part Two

Take the stolen pocket watch from the coiled rope. Use your matches to light the candle. Take the fire poker. Using your pickax, chip at the stone wall to find a money bag. Move to the brook and take the stolen comb from the top of the haystack. Use the fire poker on the campfire and take the map remnants it reveals. Lift the corner of the picnic table and take the coin. Take the tomahawk and enter the tent. Inside the tent, open the book to see a picture of Charlotte. Back in the canyon, break open the jewelry box with the tomahawk and examine the jewelry inside. Place all five items of evidence on the evidence page to complete episode two.

Gold Mine Part One

In the farm, knock over the pail and take the brush. Push the corn aside and take the money behind it. Grab the rope and move to the forest. Move the grass to one side and take the spur, brush the rock to reveal an etching and take the dagger from the mid-right of the screen. Move to the bandit camp and take the stolen amulet from the branch. Push the bush to one side and take the bottle from behind it. Use your dagger to open the bundle. Take the machete from inside it. Open the satchel to get a contract. Go back to the forest and use the machete to cut the bush. Take the empty sacks from behind it.

Gold Mine Part Two

Go to the bridge and take the stolen dove statue from the large rock. Take the fishing float from the rocks beneath the bridge and attach them to the fishing rod. Use the rod to take the packet from the water. Use the rope on the horse to view the horse brand. Move to the gold mine yard and take the stolen bracelet from the mine signboard. Push the box down the stairs to get to the cigar. Look inside the coat pocket at the right of the screen to get a newspaper. Use dynamite on the boarded-up entrance to enter the mine proper. Take the stolen drum from the floor of the mine and move the cloth aside to take a locket. Add all items of evidence to the evidence page to complete this episode.

Tombs Town Part One

In the trading post, take the medicine bottle from off the floor. Move the sack to one side and take the wallet from behind it. Grab the rope and move to the church. Peel the wanted poster off and see the poster of Charlotte. Tie the rope on the bucket to fill it with water. Take the bouquet of flowers and the rope ladder. Go onto the street and move the rooster to one side so you can get the box of dynamite. Enter the saloon by clicking the swinging doors. Take the stolen flask from the table and put the bouquet of flowers in the vase. This will give you a love letter.

Tombs Town Part Two

Go back on the street, attach the rope ladder to the window and climb into the boudoir. Take the stolen pendant from the dress, lift the bedspread to reveal a shoe and take the tweezers from the room. Move to the trading post and use the tweezers on the gap in the floor to get the cuff links. Go to the forge, take the stolen kitten from behind the anvil, take the glove from the sack and put the fire out with your water bucket to get a bag of documents. Grab the scissors from the left-hand side of the screen and go back to the boudoir. Use the scissors to cut the pillow open and take the map. Go to the depot, take the bowl from behind the wheelbarrow and get the vase from inside the haystack. Move the curtain to one side to obtain the stolen photo. Put all eight items of evidence onto the evidence pages to complete the episode.

Capital Saint-Luis Part One

In the train station, chase the cat away to get the gloves it was sitting on. Take the lantern from the windowsill and put it by the bench to reveal the powder case. Take it and the cork before moving to the garden. Move the napkin from the garden table and take the watch from underneath it. Take the note from inside the hanging vase of flowers. Plug the fountain with your cork and take the bundle it reveals. Use the shears to cut the bundle open, revealing a set of keys. Use the keys to open the door to the mansion.

Capital Saint-Luis Part Two

Take the pipe from the mansion mantelpiece. Move the mirror to one side and use the code from the note on the safe behind it. Take the telegram from inside the safe. Move the top hat to take a second watch. Take the monocle and chisel and use the chisel on the niche to reveal a money bag. Take it and go to the city square. Take the pig from the doorway. Unfold the newspaper to get a letter. Take the trowel, key and knife before going to the prison jail. Take the wedding ring from the pile of clothes and use the trowel on the wall to get a new letter. Slice the bread with the knife to get a hand file. Take the postage stamp off the bag of food. Go to city hall and take the gold goblet from off the floor. Open the cabinet door to find a transfer order document. Add all seven items of evidence to the evidence page. The game is now completed.

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