Walking Trails Near Westmont, Illinois

by June Farquhar

Walking trails near Westmont, Illinois, offer beautiful scenery, wildlife viewing and many photographic opportunities. Trail systems may be dirt or paved and provide walkers and bikers access to parks, preserves, lakes, rivers and forests. Most trails have maps online and information about what the trail offers to sightseers and if any obstacles, such as difficult crossings, are present.

Fox River Trail

The Fox River Trail, which was built on former railroad lines, runs for 32 miles near Algonquin Road alongside the Fox River. Biking and hiking or walking along the trail is sometimes difficult because of the uphill terrain. Walkers and bikers switch from the riverside trail to the forest trail and can become confused despite the signage, so it is advisable to take a map of the area. Photographers have the opportunity to capture some great images, especially from bridges that cross the Fox River. There is a variety of wildlife to photograph as well.

Great Western Trail

The path of the Great Western Trail meanders along the Great Western and Chicago railroad lines. The trail runs from Villa Park, beginning about one-quarter mile north of the Illinois Prairie Path, to West Chicago, ending at the Great Western and Prairie Path junction. The trail intersects with roads at several points.

Algonquin Road Trail

The Algonquin Road Trail runs through the Paul Douglas Forest Preserve between Hoffman Estates and Barrington Township. This walking trail passes by many of the facilities provided at the preserve and also provides access to the communities that are on the northwest side of the preserve.

Busse Woods Trail

The Busse Woods Trail is a good place to bicycle or walk. The trail is more than 11 miles long and offers a view of Busse Lake. As it winds through the forest on the east side, there is a view of elk. There are connections on the west side of the trail to the Schaumburg Bikeway System. On the north portion of the Busse Woods Trail there is a connection to the Rolling Meadows Bikeway System.

Additional Trails Near Westmont

Many walking trails near Westmont connect to other trails and trail systems. The Deer Grove Trail, located in the Deer Grove Forest Preserve, has a paved portion that connects to the Palatine Trail System. The preserve also has trails available for mountain biking. The Centennial Trail from Willow Springs Road to Romeo Road connects to the I&MC; Trail by way of a concrete path along Route 83, and the I&MC; connects to Joliet.

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