Volcano Shoe Box Craft

by Kyra Sheahan
Learn about volcanoes through craft projects.

Learn about volcanoes through craft projects.

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Learning about volcanoes is more entertaining and interesting when you have a craft project to accompany the lesson. When you have a volcano diagram to make, turn to your old empty shoeboxes for creative inspiration. A shoebox provides you with a sturdy cardboard to use as your diagram's frame, and is easily transportable between school and home.


Different types of volcanoes exist, from those that look like mountains above ground to the submarine volcanoes below water. The first step for your shoebox volcano craft is to determine what type of volcano to recreate in the diagram. The type of volcano you make dictates what the background of your shoebox will look like.

Making the Volcano

To make your volcano, remove the lid of your shoebox and flip the box on its horizontal side so that the open part is facing you. Construct your volcano using brown clay, which you mold into a pyramid shape. Make a crater at the top of the volcano, which is where the lava and ash pour out of during an eruption. Set the clay volcano in the center of the shoebox.

Shoebox Ceiling

The top of the volcano should come up close to where the shoebox ceiling is. If you are making an above-ground volcano, cut out a crescent in the shoebox ceiling around the top of the volcano. If you are making an underwater volcano, leave the ceiling intact. For above-ground volcanoes, decorate the remaining ceiling by gluing white cotton balls to it. This represents clouds in the sky, and gives the illusion that the volcano is very tall. For underwater volcanoes, paint the ceiling of the box blue with tempera paint to make it look like the water's surface.


Decorate the background of the shoebox accordingly. If you make an underwater volcano, get small plastic or rubber fish, connect them to string and staple or tape the string to the underside of the ceiling so that the fish dangle as if they are swimming around the volcano. You can also use small pieces of green pipe cleaner and glue it to the bottom of the shoebox, standing up vertically, to look like seaweed. If you are making an above-ground volcano, make trees out of card stock and paint villages in the background.


Make your volcano look more realistic by covering it with fake moss, real rocks or even dirt. You might also want to create labels for your shoebox volcano diorama to point out the various parts of the volcano.

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