Venues to Host a Kids Party in Maryland

by Abby Slutsky

Children of all ages anticipate birthday parties. If you live in Maryland, choosing the right venue for your child's party can be the difference between hosting a ho-hum party or a fabulous one. When choosing a venue, the child's interests, the site's convenience to your home and your budget will contribute to your selection. Fortunately, Maryland offers a variety of children's party venues no matter your child's interests.

Low-Cost Parties

Maryland lists many parks and playgrounds as ideal for low-cost parties. Bring a picnic lunch or dessert and beverages. Organize some games, and the children will have a wonderful time. There are also reasonably priced birthday parties available to members of organizations such as the YMCA. For example, the Lower Shore Family YMCA in Salisbury ( offers non-swimming parties for $60 for up to 30 guests and swim parties for $85 for YMCA members. YMCA prices are as of 2011 and vary by facility; some offer parties to nonmembers at slightly higher prices.

Indoor Active Parties

Children who are very active may enjoy an indoor party venue that includes bouncing or jumping. Bounce U ( provides parties with inflatable equipment children can use to jump and slide. Earth Treks Climbing ( offers indoor rock climbing parties for up to 30 children and has locations in Rockville, Timonium and Columbia. Gymnastics of America ( in Gaithersburg has gymnastics parties that include an instructor.

Shows and Movies

Some Maryland zoos offer animal presentations or shows. Some farms also have special animal shows. For example, the Spring Fever Farm ( offers a 20-minute "unicorn" or dancing horses show. Children can also enjoy a movie theater birthday party if they prefer. For example, as of 2011 the Leitersburg Cinema in Hagerstown ( offers a private theater room for $50 plus $10 a child for popcorn, a beverage and movie ticket. There are many other theaters in Maryland that provide group discounts or have party rooms for birthdays. Prices vary based on the theater and what is included.

Educational Venues

There are many museums that may appeal to your child's interest and be the perfect location for a birthday party. The College Park Aviation Museum ( offers a choice of activities and the opportunity to experience a flight simulator. Other Maryland museums include several railway museums, a trolley museum, military museum and other specialty museums. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is another place to combine education with a birthday party. It has a variety of immersion tours, including shark and dolphin immersions, that can be exciting for youngsters.

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