Vampiress-Themed Halloween Party Ideas

by Alexis Rohlin
Wear a long-sleeved vampiress dress to your party.

Wear a long-sleeved vampiress dress to your party. Images

Scare up your girlfriends for a "vampiress"-themed Halloween party. Have them bring their boyfriends dressed as vampire victims or as mindless familiars and slaves dedicated to their every whim. Be the scream queen of the vampiress ball and hand out trophies for the most ghoulish costumes. Turn your home into a crypt or an ancient vampire mansion, turn down the lights, pump up the music and have an accursed good time with your undead guests.


Write invitations on blood-red paper and insert them into plastic test tubes. Or draw and cut out bat-shaped invitations from black construction paper. Use Gothic-style stamps or script and inform your guests that it is a vampiress-themed Halloween party requiring formal vampire Gothic wear or a modern vampiress party with mod costumes, such as short leather skirts and black trench coats. Incorporate phrases such as "cape and hunch-backed servant optional" or BYOB for "bring your own blood"--in the form of a guest.


Use black-and-red themed decorations for your vampiress Halloween party. Black curtains will give your home a Gothic feel. Cover your tables with elegant black lace over a red table cloth and drape spider webs on the backs of chairs. Place candles that drip "blood" when lit in black candlesticks and surround them with black silk roses. Roll up black napkins, wrap a piece of red ribbon around them, place a white paper circle over the ribbon and melt a quarter-sized puddle of wax onto the paper. Press a wax stamp with your initials on it into the wax to make it look like an old-fashioned paper seal. Use Gothic decorations such as skulls, ravens, bats, spiders and a coffin propped up against the wall. If possible, dim the lights and only use candles to create a dark, moody atmosphere.


Make a red velvet coffin-shaped cake with black icing as the centerpiece of your party table. Couple it with a blood-red vampire's cherry drink brew with a floating ice hand. Make the hand by filling a non-powder coated plastic glove with water and tying off the end and placing it in the freezer overnight.


Spooky music is a must for your vampiress party. Look for dark Gothic music by groups such as "Midnight Syndicate" and "Nox Arcana." They are two great bands that create the right atmosphere with synthesized music and ambient sounds such as crows cawing and doors creaking for a spooky good time.

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