Free Valentine's Day Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

by Karen Sheviak
Candy hearts can be used for games and decorations at a party for girls.

Candy hearts can be used for games and decorations at a party for girls.

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A Valentine's Day birthday party for girls can include lots of food and activities that will be fun, appealing and related to the holiday. To keep the festivities free, make sure the crafts and games are simple and use materials that can be found around your house. The same goes for the decorations and food. Using items you have on hand will keep the party cost-free, yet creative.


Cut out hearts from construction paper you have at home and write a short message on each one, such as "I love you," "Happy Valentine's Day" or "Be mine." Use red, pink and white paper for the hearts, and attach them to the ceiling or walls by taping them to yarn or streamers. Use a white tablecloth on the table. Cut out smaller hearts and scatter them randomly over the table. Add some glitter and sparkly confetti if you have some on hand.


Cut food into heart shapes to keep in theme with the party. Make sandwiches such as ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly and use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut the shapes. Use a small cutter to cut pieces of cheese into hearts and serve them with crackers. Dessert could be red jello, also cut into heart shapes. For the birthday cake, make a simple layer cake from a mix you have at home and trim it to look like a heart. Let the party guests decorate it with icing and pink and red candies.


If you have heart-shaped candies at home, let the children build towers with them. The girl who builds the highest tower wins, and everyone gets to share the candy after the game. Or put out a bowl of candy hearts. The girls get to take turns trying to pick up as many hearts as they can in 30 seconds. The one who picks up the most hearts wins. Or hide Valentine's Day-related items all over the house, such as a heart-shaped pillow, bags of candies, bags of homemade cookies or large paper hearts. Have the girls find as many of the hidden items as they can.

Valentine Mouse Pencil Craft

Have the party guests make pencil mice. Cut heart shapes out of heavy construction paper. Draw a nose and eyes at the bottom of the heart. Punch out four holes in a square pattern above the mouse's nose. Thread a short pipe cleaner crosswise through two of the holes and another one through the other two. Slip the pencil down behind the heart and in front of the pipe cleaners so the pipe cleaners look like whiskers.

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