Valentine Party Wording for Invitations

by Tamiya King
Accent your Valentine's invitations with kiss-shaped envelope seals.

Accent your Valentine's invitations with kiss-shaped envelope seals.

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Valentine's Day is the perfect time to express all types of love, not just romantic. So, gather your friends and loved ones of all ages and have a Valentine's Day party that will make the holiday memorable. Send invitations that make the nature of the event obvious and use clever wording to indicate to your loved ones that the party will be one of the most enjoyable events of the year.

Kids' Invitations

Organize a Valentine's Day party for your little one by inviting his young guests with an adorable invitation. For instance, choose invites in the shape of a teddy bear and begin the invitation with "I couldn't bear to have this party without you!" Or help your child make circular invitations to resemble cookies, and start the invite with "You're such a sweetie --- that's why you're invited to my Valentine's day party!" An invitation in the shape of a cupcake is an endearing way for your little one to invite family members and loved ones to the celebration. You can start the invite off with "Celebrate Valentine's Day with your little cupcake --- I'm having a party!"

Couples' Invitations

If you're planning a Valentine's Day event for couples, work with your spouse or significant other to come up with the invitation wording. For instance, write on one side of the invite something like "Bring your honey to the Valentine's Day party! We'll be swapping desserts and romantic stories." Adorn this side of the invitation with heart- or cupid-shaped stickers. On the other side, let your husband write wording that appeals to men, like "Hey guys! Bring your lady to the party --- they get the cupcakes, we get the beer!" Include the party information on both sides of the invite and provide foods and drinks that appeal to both genders at the party.

Friends and Family Valentine Invitations

Give your Valentine's day party a humorous spin by starting off the invitation with catchy phrasing that will get your guests' attention. Say something like "Even if you're not in a loving mood, you can still show your sweet side by joining us for a Valentine cupcake party!" or "Not drunk with love? Good --- that means there's room for wine! Join us for a Valentine's Day dessert party and wine tasting." If you're hosting a party where your male and female friends can meet someone new, give your guests a bottle of sour gummy candies coated in sugar as part of the invite. Tie a ribbon around the bottle and attach an invitation card to the string that says "Feeling sour about love? You may meet someone sweet at the Valentine's Day party!"

Girls-Only Invitations

You and your female friends can still have a fabulous Valentine's day without celebrating it the "traditional" romantic way. So, send your guests invites that say something like "Spend Valentine's day with the ones who really love you --- your friends! Join us for a night of great food, delicious desserts and lots of dish!" Or start the invite off with: "Put on your best sweats, grab your favorite romantic comedy and prepare to gorge on sweets! You're invited to an all-girls Valentine movie marathon!"

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