Valentine Party Crafts for 5th Graders

by Shannon Lee
By the time children reach fifth grade, it can be hard to find crafts they haven't yet made.

By the time children reach fifth grade, it can be hard to find crafts they haven't yet made.

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Fresh and fun party ideas can be tricky to come up with no matter what the party occasion. When the party is themed, such as a Valentine's Day party, the challenge of finding crafts that are both original and fun to make is even more challenging. With a little bit of thinking outside the heart, there are many crafts that fifth graders will enjoy making at any Valentine's Day party.

Sweet Treat

Candy rings are a creative idea for a Valentine's Day party craft for fifth graders that can also double as party favors. Coil pipe cleaners in finger-width stacks and then use craft glue to attach small wrapped candies to the tops of the pipe cleaners like jewels. After the party, the kids can unwrap the candies and enjoy them. The kids can make them for themselves or their friends, and if time and supplies permit, wear one on each finger.

Bling Bling

Valentine's Day jewelry making will allow party guests to express their creativity. While most fifth graders will have experimented with some form of jewelry making in school or summer camp before, make the experience special by purchasing a large quantity of different-sized beads, crystals, pearls, charms and chains in red, pink and white tones. Beading is easy enough for fifth graders to do on their own but sophisticated enough that they will enjoy the craft.

Card Holders

A Valentine card holder is a creative (and useful) craft to make at a Valentine's Day party. The fabrication is simple: take two paper plates, cut one in half and glue the half directly onto the full plate. The fun part comes in the decoration. Set out as many different kinds of decorative items that you can think of and allow your fifth graders free rein to decide how they'd like to decorate their card holder. Decorative items can be everything from inexpensive craft store rhinestones and appliques to dry, colored macaroni.

Sayings for a Sweetie

Homemade valentine's are always a crowd favorite. Because most fifth graders will have done this craft before, make sure to include a new element in your version of the party craft. Instead of paper, have the party guests make their Valentine's Day cards out of a different type of material, such as foam, and provide creative tools like glitter glue, stickers and other elements that will allow your guests to create truly stunning cards.

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