Vacations in Batangas, Philippines

by Sheryl Faber
The natives of the Philippines are friendly and accomodating.

The natives of the Philippines are friendly and accomodating.

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The next time you consider a vacation, bypass all the normal destinations such as Hawaii, Mexico, the Bahamas and Florida and head straight for the Philippines. There are many unique and beautiful resort areas there that will provide you with adventure, relaxation and a variety of recreational options. Batangas, a province of the Philippines located at the southeast corner of the island of Luzon, offers many venues for the discriminating tourist.


If working on a summer tan is a priority for you, the Batanga beaches offer a long season of sun and heat. Popular beach destinations in the area include the Matabungkay Beach Resort, the Nasugbu Paramount Beach Resort and the more isolated beaches near the town of Lobo. The dry season from March to June is the most popular time for tourists to enjoy outdoor water and other activities.


Scuba diving in the clear waters of Batanga is an extremely popular pastime for the more adventurous vacationers. Hot spots include Cathedral Marine Sanctuary and Sombrero Island near Anilao, Coral Beach Resort and South East Reef near Nasugbu and The Wreck by Fortune Island. Shops provide gear and guides are also available to assist visitors with unfamiliar waters.

Local Foods and Restaurants

With its seaside location, local restaurants in Batanga dish up a variety of native fish entrees for a hungry tourist crowd. Pritong Tilapia, Kilawin and Maliputo are just a few of the seafood favorites on restaurant menus. Also, as one of the largest coffee-producing areas in the world, coffee shops feature Kapeng Barako, the coffee the province is most well known for.

Natural Waterfalls

Batangas is the home of many natural waterfalls including Calijon Falls in Barangagy Calijon, Malvar, with its two big and two smaller water falls; Ilijan Falls in Barangay, Ilijan, with water flowing down a mountain in seven natural bowls; and Bulalacao Falls, home of three smaller falls within a canyon. Tourists armed with cameras will find many natural settings in these areas to take colorful and artistic photographs.

World's Smallest Active Volcano

The province of Batangas is also famous for the Taal Volcano, the world's smallest active volcano. The volcano is located inside Taal Lake on Luzon Island, right in the middle of the province of Batangas. The more adventurous tourist can hire a boat to take to the island and even climb the small mountain -- guides are available to give tours of the entire area for the more conservative visitor.

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