Vacation Places for Christian Singles in the Winter

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Skiing is a popular winter activity for singles of all faiths.

Skiing is a popular winter activity for singles of all faiths. Images

Lasting relationships are built on a shared and respected set of beliefs. One of these areas of belief is faith. From ranches to cruises and beyond, there are numerous vacation places for Christian singles in the winter. These locales provide unique environments populated with like-minded singles where one can start a new relationship or just create some fantastic memories. Since these locations are spread across the country, the odds are pretty good that you can find one close to home, or far from home if that's your preference.

Christian Cruises

When winter’s chill starts to set in, a Caribbean getaway could be just what you need. Several cruise lines offer Christian singles cruises that come complete with not only social mixers and activities, but worship services as well. Some cruise lines even offer a roommate-pairing service that matches you up with others who share similar interests, so that you can make friends right away.

Ski Trips

Nothing says winter fun like skiing. Matter of the Heart is a singles Christian ministry that organizes retreats. One such trip in January 2010 was a ski trip in West Virginia. Filled with skiing, dining and mingling, the weekend offered roommate pairing. If you like hitting the slopes, a Christian singles ski vacation may be just the getaway you have been looking for.

Deer Valley Ranch

Surrounded by mountains, Deer Valley Ranch in Nathrop, Colorado, regularly facilitates Christian retreats. In addition to providing lodging and facilities for worship services, Deer Valley Ranch offers activities that include skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. For something truly different, you can even slip into your swimsuit and enjoy a dip in the outdoor hot springs hot tub.

Singles Retreats

Vacations don’t always have to be filled with adventures. In fact, sometimes Christian singles retreats that focus on what being single means both spiritually and emotionally offer perspective that is more personally enriching than soaking up the sun or flying down the slopes. If you fancy yourself more of the cerebral type, look for retreats that offer stimulating lectures interspersed with time for mingling and discussion.

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