How to Use Lures for Redfin Perch

by Nicole Schmoll
Use lures with bright bellies to attract redfin perch.

Use lures with bright bellies to attract redfin perch. Images

The redfin perch is a medium-sized freshwater fish, native to England. The species was introduced to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. While they are not present in the United States, some anglers enjoy traveling to catch them. Redfin are considered pests by many because of the way they multiply fast and can quickly devastate a native fish population in the areas where they are introduced. They are a popular sport fish, fight hard when caught and have a mild taste. They are commonly found in slow-moving waters. Fishermen use a few different lures with success to catch redfin perch.

Items you will need

  • Minnow, wobbler, blade spinner, small jig or fly lures 4.75-inches long
  • Fishing pole with light tackle line
Step 1

Attach a wobbler, blade spinner, small jig, fly or deep diving minnow lure to the end of your fishing line. Choose a lure with the color orange or red on the belly, as redfin perch are attracted to the color red. Use a lure that is about 4.75 inches in size.

Step 2

Cast your lure into the reeds along the banks of a slow-moving river, lake or dammed body of water where you know redfin perch are present. Allow the lure to sink slowly into the weeds for about 10 seconds. Turn the crank on your fishing pole to bring the lure back up out of the water and to you. Repeat.

Step 3

Alternatively, cast the lure along the banks of a slow-moving river, allow it to rest just a few inches below the water's surface for two seconds, and then quickly yank it up out of the water. Repeat to capture the redfins' interest.

Step 4

Once the fish bites on your lure, brace yourself for a fight as redfin perch are strong swimmers. Reel the fish in. Do not throw the redfin back as this is illegal in almost all places where they are caught. Take it home and enjoy its mild taste.

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