How to Use a Latigo Sling

by Luther Blissett

The Latigo sling is a unique sling designed to allow shooters to quickly position their gun for taking a shot. Because the sling has fewer parts requiring adjustment than other slings, the sling can be used easily--even in cold weather or otherwise inhospitable conditions. In addition to being practical, the Latigo sling has a polished appearance that matches the look of most rifles. Fortunately, detailed instructions are provided with the sling that help make sense of the unique way it operates.

Step 1

Grasp the two outside straps of the sling with one hand while holding the rifle with the other. Ensure that only the two outside straps of the sling are grasped and not the innermost strap.

Step 2

Pull down fully on the straps to the extent necessary to take a shot. You may need to experiment to discover how far the straps need to be pulled down.

Step 3

Change the position of the hole on the sling to better accommodate the straps that have been pulled down. Move all of the straps outward away from the rifle. This action will set the length of the straps. After using the rifle, pull down on the inside strap to reset the sling to the "tight" or "carry" position.

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