How to Use Drum Racks in Ableton

by Joshua Laud

In Ableton Live, you can set up drum racks to have a dynamic and eclectic range of drum sounds for your music production. Ableton Live, a music production tool, allows you to combine drum sounds from different racks or implement your own recordings as part of the drum racks. Drum racks act like traditional samplers do, so that when you press a corresponding button on your keyboard or sampler, the drum sound plays.

Step 1

Open Ableton Live. Expand "Instruments" and then choose "Drum Rack" on the left. Click and drag "Drum Rack" onto the MIDI track. In the bottom the Drum Rack appears with each corresponding letter.

Step 2

Press the letter "A" on your keyboard or your MIDI controller to see which key that represents. Move the right-hand slider up to that point.

Step 3

Expand a drum section underneath "Drum Rack" in the library, such as "Kick." Click and drag a kick to one of the empty patches, such as "C3." Repeat with your other drum sounds.

Step 4

Click "Record" to start recording with your drum rack.

About the Author

Joshua Laud started writing professionally in 2008. During his three years at University he worked freelance for various music publications including "Clash Magazine" and "total:spec," and online Data Transmission and Music is Art. Laud also specializes in technology writing. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from the University of London.