How to Use Black Widow Deer Lures

by Jeremiah Blanchard
A hunter needs every advantage to bag his prize game.

A hunter needs every advantage to bag his prize game. Images

Hunting deer can be challenging at times simply because deer have a superb sense of smell. A hunter can also use the deer's keen sense of smell to his advantage. Deer lures are bottled scents that attract deer and include doe estrus urine, buck urine and tarsal gland scent. Black Widow Deer Lures produce a range of attractive deer scents that can be used in a variety of conditions and during specific times of the deer hunting season.

Items you will need

  • Scent drag rag
Step 1

Select the type of lure to use based on the specific time of the deer season. Select doe estrus urine during the peak of the rut. Use tarsal gland scent at any time, preferably before the rut so you can attract other bucks to meet a challenging buck. Use buck urine for the rest of the season.

Step 2

Apply the scent to a drag rag. Drag rags, or scent drags, are available at most sporting goods stores or hunting outfitters. You can also use any long rag or towel, if you prefer.

Step 3

Tie the rag to your ankle and walk around your hunting zone. Hang the drag from a tree in range from your hunting position. The deer will search for the source of the scent and will walk into your hunting zone.

Step 4

Rub tarsal gland scent onto the scrapes or antler rubs on tree trunks near your hunting zone; this will lure bucks into the area looking for a challenging buck.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also apply the lure to scent wicks or scent canisters.
  • Use gear and body cover scents to mask your odor while hunting.
  • Use caution when using scents. Do not apply the scent to your body. The deer will seek out the source of the scent and can easily injure a hunter if unprepared.

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