How to Use Aluminum Foil to Scare Birds

by Kent Page McGroarty
Keep birds off your property using environmentally friendly methods.

Keep birds off your property using environmentally friendly methods. Images

Birds singing on a warm summer evening provide soothing, natural background music. Yet flocks of birds squawking in the early morning or birds that continually create messes via excrement on porches and window ledges can cause headaches. One easy, environmentally friendly option for keeping birds away is aluminum foil. The reflective nature of the foil frightens birds and prevents them from landing in areas you prefer they stay away from. Aluminum foil repellent is especially effective on sunny days.

Items you will need

  • Reflective tape
  • Scissors
Step 1

Wrap tree branches where birds normally gather with aluminum foil. Secure the foil with reflective tape but avoid taping the actual branches.

Step 2

Tape and mold aluminum foil to any ledges around your home, garage or sheds that birds seem to frequent. The foil's malleable nature makes it easy to mold to different types of surfaces.

Step 3

Hang strips of aluminum foil from decks, elevated porches and more tree branches, depending on the severity of your bird problems. Secure the strips with tape but avoid taping on painted decks and porches; instead, try molding the foil to the object.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hang old CDs and aluminum pie tins to tree branches and other applicable areas with string as additional bird repellent.

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