How to Upgrade a Makala Ukulele

by Rochelle Leggett
The many types and sizes of ukuleles offer different sounds.

The many types and sizes of ukuleles offer different sounds.

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A Makala ukulele is a particular brand of ukulele that is largely considered an excellent starter instrument for a beginning ukulele player, giving a good sound for a low price. However, it is still a starter instrument, and if you want to advance in your playing, you will need to get another ukulele to match your increased skill. There are several ways to upgrade from a Makala ukulele, and all have different benefits.

Step 1

Consider purchasing a concert or tenor Makala ukulele. This is a good option if you have a soprano Makala ukulele and want to be able to improve your technique. Concert and tenor ukuleles are slightly larger than sopranos and allow your fingers to move more easily on the strings. They are more commonly used by professionals than soprano ukuleles.

Step 2

Choose another Kala ukulele. The Kala Brand Music Co. is the company that makes Makala ukuleles. If you find that you are happy with your Makala, then upgrading to another instrument by the same company is an easy option that will likely result in another instrument that you also enjoy. Kala ukuleles come in a variety of prices and different sizes, so you have many options for your upgrade.

Step 3

Listen to some recordings of ukulele players and note which ones you particularly like. Find out what type of instrument each player uses. Professional musicians spend a lot of money on high-quality instruments, so this can be an expensive option. However, you may find that the company that makes the instrument your favorite player uses makes a less expensive instrument, as well.

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