Unusual Creepy Halloween Party Games

by Krystal Miller
Put a creepy twist on an ordinary game of bobbing for apples.

Put a creepy twist on an ordinary game of bobbing for apples.

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Make your next Halloween party stand out by playing unusual and creepy party games. Planning creepy party games will have your guests talking about your "spook-ta-cular" party for months. Encourage your guests to participant in the unusual games by awarding prizes to game winners. All you need are a few creepy ideas, some supplies and a creative imagination to get the party started.

Bobbing for Bloody Hearts

Aside from the usual bobbing for apples at a Halloween party, put a twist on the game by incorporating unusual, creepy items for your guests to bob. For a bloody bobbing game, fill a large bucket with fake blood and float large peeled tomatoes in the blood. Guests must bob for "human hearts" in blood. Another idea is to float plastic body parts in the blood. Have a race to see who can bob the most hearts or body parts in two minutes using only their mouths. Give each guest a nose plug, earplugs and goggles to use while bobbing.

Body-Part Hunts

Make body parts using food items. For example, make mashed brains by crushing cauliflower in a bag, soggy bones by soaking pretzels in water, cooked spaghetti noodles for intestines and peeled grapes for eyeballs. Place the body parts in plastic zipper bags and hide the bags all over the party area. Divide the guests into teams and tell them to search for body parts. The team must guess what type of body part each bag represents. Award one point for each correct answer, and the team with the highest amount of points wins the game. Alternatively, call out a body part like "eyeballs," and the first team to find the bag of eyeballs wins a prize.

Edible Eyeballs

Use a variety of food products to make edible eyeballs. Some ingredients include deviled eggs, olives, grapes and gumballs that resemble eyeballs. Have your guests select a partner and have the partners try to toss the eyeballs into the mouths of their partners. The partner must catch five eyeballs in his mouth to win the game. Another idea is to decorate ping-pong balls like eyeballs using markers. Place plastic pumpkins on the ground and have players try to bounce the eyeballs off the ground into the pumpkins. The first player to land three ping-ping balls into the pumpkin wins the game.

Black Apples and Hidden Ghosts

Other games include a Halloween apple game and flashlight ghost hunt. Cover several apples with black frosting and make one apple with orange frosting. Hang the apples from a tree or clothesline and select one player to go first. Blindfold the player and spin her five times. She must reach for a hanging apple. If she grabs a black apple, she loses. The first player to grab the orange apple wins the game. For a flashlight ghost hunt, cut ghost shapes from white tissue paper. Use glow-in-the-dark paint to create eyes and a mouth on the ghosts. Hide the ghosts outside and allow the guests to hunt for the ghosts. The guest who finds the most ghosts wins the game. Allow younger guests to hunt for the ghosts using small flashlights.

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