How to Unlock the Cesspools in "Fable 3"

by Jacob Michael

You must rally the people of Albion so they aid in the resistance effort during the main story of "Fable III." This mission tasks you with collecting guild seals, which are awarded for completing sidequests. One sidequest that awards guild seals is "Kidnapped." During this quest, you must rescue a Bowerstone resident's fiance. The fiance has been trapped in the dangerous underground area known as "The Cesspools."

Step 1

Enter the Bowerstone resistance base and follow the glowing trail to Page, the leader of the resistance. After you receive her instructions, the "Kidnapped" sidequest notification will appear.

Step 2

Leave the base and select the sidequest marker in the "Homes of Filth" area of your mini-map.

Step 3

Choose "Set as Target" when the marker prompt appears.

Step 4

Follow the glowing trail to the Bowerstone orphanage.

Step 5

Speak to the person in front of the orphanage. This person will be Laszlo if your character is male. It will be Linda if your character is female.

Step 6

Follow Laszlo/Linda to the door and wait for the cutscene to end. The door to "The Cesspools" will open.

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