Unique Wording for a Sweet 16 Invitation

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The sweet 16 is the time to shine for many teens. If you are in the process of planning your teen's dream event, dedicate some time to creating the invites that you will send to announce this grand party. By selecting clever and creative wording, you can set the scene for an uncommonly enjoyable sweet-16 event and take the first step toward creating the night to remember that your teen likely desires.

Sweet-16 Haiku

Get poetic with your teen's sweet-16 invitation by composing a haiku. Following the simple syllable structure of this Japanese poetic form when composing your invitation is particularly appropriate if the event you plan has an oriental theme or if your teen fancies himself a literary scholar. Keep your haiku short, simple and to the point, as is the fashion of these poems. For example, say, "Sarah is turning / Sixteen so it is time / For a celebration" or "Finally it's time / For a party in honor / Of our man Ryan."

Once Upon a Time...

Give your sweet-16 event the feeling of a fairytale come true by using the phrase, "Once upon a time..." in your invitation. Follow this classic story starter with a playful tale of how your child grew to be a princess and is now ready to take the throne as a 16 year old. For instance, your invitation could read, "Once upon a time / A wonderful princess was born / She was such a delight / That on her 16th birthday / Her parents made all her dreams come true / With a party to remember."

Alliterative Invitation

Use alliteration, or the repetition of consonant or vowel sounds, to give your invitation a pleasing flow and set it apart from the rest. To make your attempt at alliteration obvious, feature the same starting sound for as many of the words in your invite as possible. For example, you could say, "Sassy Sandra's Sweet Sixteen -- Such a Sensational Event." While you don't want to go overboard with your alliteration and start every word in your invite with the same letter, use this element liberally enough that your intention is obvious.

Read All About It

Set your teen's sweet 16 up as a newsworthy event by creating a headline to place atop his invite. When creating his invitation, give it the look of a newspaper or magazine cover, featuring a photo of the birthday boy along with a headline that relates back to him. For example, select a picture of your son playing basketball and feature a teaser headline, "See Where Anthony Gets His Moves!" Give your magazine or newspaper a title that reflects the party theme such as "Sweet Sixteen Gazette." On the reverse of your invite, or on the inside if it is a folded card, include your party information.

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