Unique Invitations for a Sweet Sixteen Party

by Tamiya King
Make your teen's 16th birthday party special with an original invitation.

Make your teen's 16th birthday party special with an original invitation.

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The invitations you send for your teen's 16th birthday celebration should be just as colorful and original as the guest of honor. Choose invites that give friends and loved ones a preview of the party's theme, and are indicative of the enjoyable time everyone will have at this milestone event.

Winter Themes

Give each guest an invitation in the shape of a snow globe to invite them to your teen's sweet 16 birthday celebration. Ask your local print shop to add a baby or recent picture of your teen to one side of the "globe," and utilize the other side to write or type the party details. Or, customize a Christmas tree ornament adorned with the number 16 or the year your teen was born. Tie satin or silk ribbon to the invitation and attach a fancy invitation card to the string with the party specifics.

Luau Party

Invite all your teen's favorite people to a tropical or luau-themed 16th birthday extravaganza. Create a lei of 16 synthetic flowers in her favorite shade, and use a small string or piece of yarn to attach the invitation card to the lei. You can even ask the guests to bring the lei with them for colorful party pictures. Or, purchase invitation stock paper in the shape of brightly colored flip-flops for each guest. Hot-glue plastic rhinestones or strips of denim fabric on the flip-flop thongs for visual appeal and write or type the party specifics on each "shoe." Spray each of the invites with yellow glitter to give them a sunny appearance.

Safari Lovers

If your teen loves jungle animals and prefers a safari theme for her small, intimate 16th birthday, make the invitations stand out by purchasing toy binoculars and invitation paper in the shape of circles. Spray paint the binoculars tan or olive green to emphasize the safari theme. Write or type the party details on the circles, then hot glue the paper to the end of the binoculars, so that guests can read the invite when they look into the binoculars. Or, purchase mini stuffed animals such as parrots, monkeys and lions -- one for each of the 15 or 20 guests your daughter has invited -- and have them embroidered with the number 16 and your teen's name. Tie yarn or satin ribbon around the animal and staple or hot glue the invitation card to the string before sending it to guests.

Ticket or VIP Pass

Make each person your teen wants to invite feel like an exclusive guest at his 16th birthday celebration. Ask your local print shop to create invitations that look just like a concert ticket, accented with the hues your teen likes best -- these invitations are also ideal if you've arranged for live music at the event. Or, you can order the ticket invitations online from companies such as Invitations Galore. Use small frames to house the tickets before giving them to guests to signify how memorable of an occasion this is. Or, attach a lanyard to a laminated VIP pass invitation. Add a border of small number 16s to the invite before laminating it, or trim the invites in gold or silver ribbon for visual appeal.

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