Unique Ideas for Asking a Girl to a Dance

by Monika Weise

Asking a girl to a dance puts a young man at risk for rejection. Some young men opt to never ask and thereby miss out on all the fun of the dance. Even those brave enough to ask hear "no, thanks" at least once in a while. Reduce your chances of rejection by making your invitation unique. Stand out from the crowd and get a "yes" answer when you ask a girl to a dance.

Singing Telegram

Get a friend with a decent singing voice to help you. Compose a short poem asking the girl in question to attend the dance with you. Set it to a familiar tune and have your friend memorize it. If you wish, burn a CD with the tune on it so that your friend can play it on a boom box while he sings the telegram to the girl. Then send your friend over to the girl's house at a time that you know she will be home. Make sure that you use a friend that you trust so he won't try to steal your date! And ask him to begin by telling the girl exactly who sent the singing telegram, to avoid confusion over who's asking her out.

Teddy Bear

Buy a teddy bear, two-sided tape and a blank card with a pretty picture on the front. Write out your desire to attend the dance with the young lady in question. Put a small piece of the two-sided tape on the back of the card. Place the card in the arms of the teddy bear, pressing the tape against the teddy bear to secure the card. Then deliver the bear, either yourself or via a friend if you are too shy.

Let Her Eat Cake

Try to find out her favorite flavor of cake or at least a flavor that she likes. Go to your local bakery and order a cake with special wording on the frosting. Keep it simple, like "Will You Go to the Dance With Me?" so that you don't have to buy a huge cake. If you like, have the cake delivered or deliver it yourself. Only use this method if you are certain that the girl is not on a diet.


Get a good picture of yourself and use it to make a poster. You can do this yourself with any photo software you have on your computer. Add text to your picture asking the girl to the dance. Print your poster with a printer capable of handling poster-sized paper or take the file to your local print shop for printing. Alternatively, you can take a picture to any photo shop or booth and have a poster made for you. Include the wording you want on the poster with your request. Deliver the poster yourself or via mail if you are shy and have enough time before the dance.

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