Unique House Party Ideas

by Jagg Xaxx
Your guests will appreciate a creative party theme.

Your guests will appreciate a creative party theme.

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Social events are enjoyed by most people, but they can sometimes get repetitive. You can liven up your circle of friends by hosting a creative and unusual house party with unexpected twists. Unique social events take more time and planning than a run-of-the-mill dinner party, but they will be far more memorable for most people.

Mystery Friends Party

This is a creative event and an effective way to expand your social circle. Ask each of your friends to invite one of his friends to your party. The rules are that your friend's friend has to be someone who knows few or none of the other guests, has to arrive separately from your friend and can't tell anyone whose friend he is. Guests can have an enjoyable time getting to know each other throughout the evening, and toward the end of the party everyone gets to guess who is friends with whom.

Movie Mashup Night

Ask your guests to bring a DVD of their favorite movie. Play the movies by clicking through at random to a scene and playing it for three or four minutes, then switching to another movie and doing the same thing. Guests have to make up a plot to an imaginary movie that would explain the shift from one scene to the next. This activity can get quite surreal when one guest brings "When Harry Met Sally" and another brings "Reservoir Dogs."

Come As You Aren't Party

This event is an opportunity for people to change other people's preconceptions about them. It's a masquerade party of sorts but should involve behavior and attitude as well as appearance. Guests are asked to think of a personality type that is farthest from their own and to adopt that personality and a matching look for the evening. Your hard-drinking, life-on-the-edge, bad-boy friend can arrive with a library book and a borrowed toddler in a stroller, while your shy, homebody friend from high school may turn up in fishnet stockings.

Wonderland Feast

The Wonderland Feast requires substantial planning and expense. It's an event for someone who wants to pull out all the stops. Find a location in the woods with a meadow, preferably next to a lake. Move a large table, linen tablecloths, chairs and portable kitchen equipment to the spot. Hire a string quartet, and invite your friends to dress up for the evening. Keep a close eye on the weather forecast, and be prepared to change the date because bad weather will ruin this event. Have a memorable dinner while listening to Vivaldi and watching the sun set over the lake.

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